The impressive and sacred Mount Taranaki (Photo: Alistair Daynes/Rewild)

What do you think when the name New Zealand comes to mind?

If your answer is the All Blacks, beautiful landscapes, lots of sheep, and some good wine, you’re right but there is so much more you might be missing.

Being a Brazilian now living in Cape Town, South Africa for the past six years, I am very used to the idea that we “from the South” keep looking North for inspiration. Our travel destinations, our constant search for innovation, come mostly from Europe and the U.S.A. Am I right? In Brazil, we’re not different.

Brazilians for instance are very…

“When we think about threats to the environment, we tend to picture cars and smokestacks, not dinner. But the truth is our need for food poses one of the biggest dangers to the planet.” Jonathan Foley

A group of Masters students from the Sustainability Institute spends the afternoon on a farm (SPIER) close by

We just passed the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. The darkest day of the year is now gone. From now on, each day will add more and more light. The sun will rise earlier and earlier and it will set on the other hand, later.

All life on this planet is connected to this cycle of darkness and light. Darkness and light. …


Born in Brazil a long time ago, now living in the Mother City (Cape Town). My main passions are Real Food, “Alternative” Education and life as a whole…

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