Healthcare, Upgrade Version to 1.5 or 2.0?

Free healthcare is a sort of an idea that many Americans would love to have, but also something that people see as not within the reach for us citizens anytime soon. Jonathan Cohn, Senior National Correspondent from Huffington Post, has a problem with Bernie Sander’s idea for free healthcare utopia. Cohn’s argument begins by explaining that Obamacare was a program that was difficult to put into action because of how many people argued against it. Obamacare is relatively mild program when we compare it to the idea that Bernie Sanders has in mind, switch to a single-payer plan.
 A single-payer plan simply means that a single public agency would be in charge of healthcare, this agency would be government based, would organize health care for American citizens while official care would remain in the private hands as well as a few more specific details about how single-payer works. A single-payer plan basically means good news for American citizens, but it will be a huge blow to drug companies and private companies that also deal with health. Dylan Matthews from, a political news website, writes about how Kenneth Thorpe, Emory University health care expert, writes in detail as to how his numbers in affording the costs of a single payer plan is not possible. Thorpe’s argument as to how he developed different results from Bernie Sanders can be found here. While many experts see this “Medicare for all” as something that is not feasible whether it is Cohn who believes that Sanders is too much of a radical change for current day politics or Matthews who with the information provided by Thorpe does not believe it is not financially possible to accomplish, it is important to consider alternative options.
 An option that is opted in by Hilary Clinton, is to keep Obamacare instead of replacing the system. We spoke a bit about Obamacare previously and to how the current system is not suited well to certain situations. Since we reviewed the flaws of Obamacare and how it essentially fails to provide people with a simple way of health insurance, we can move on as to what exactly Clinton intends to do. Clinton intends to bolster Obamacare, also known as ACA or Affordable Care Act, by essentially cheapening drugs and costs and simply building upon what ACA already does.

While we consider the perspectives of the Bernie Sander’s plan, single payer plan, and the plan by Hilary Clinton, improved ACA, we should consider facts that each side displays on their own respective webpage. Sanders goes into detail as to what a single payer plan is and how it would benefit most American citizens and how the plan would go into effect. Clinton on the other hand speaks about what she will do as president and not very much about the how she intends to do these things. Hilary Clinton calls her health care plan “virtually free” as healthcare would be approximately $100 dollars or less under her own estimates. When we consider both sides and their possible flukes, we consider that while Clinton does not consider citizens who cannot afford this amount of healthcare as she pushes ACA onto citizens who cannot afford it, Sanders may be making a much graver mistake if Thorpe’s calculations are more accurate than those of Sander’s calculations.