I doomed mankind with a free text editor
Morten Just

As a long-time editor/writer I’ll own right up front that a thousand words is a pointless concept. It only appears to improve communication if one is lazy, under-educated and not into nuance. It’s not really a choice to be simple despite the pretense stated in this piece, but rather a choice to pretend the complexity of the world, of issues, of human nature can be reduced to simplicity. It cannot, and no amount of black and white insistence that it can changes that it can’t.

Trump is an inarticulate narcissist. Those lost causes who believe he’s telling it like it is are actually confirming their bias toward hearing/reading what they already believe. They and Trump deserve each other. Simple, right? But simple is totally, completely, absolutely incompatible with being president of a modern industrialized society in a globalized political/economic world.

Anyone who thinks that those using English as a second language would prefer simple hasn’t traveled to Europe. Europeans articulately tell me in their second language that many Americans don’t seem to know much about the world, and I note that this is because only a third of Americans have passports and too many Americans actually believe the myth of their country’s exceptionalism.

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