John DeVore

I didn’t have to read all the responses to recognize immediately the ones from men. So sensitive…in that the male ego cannot withstand any scrutiny and evaluation…and self-improvement. This is why I have always preferred the company of women, who have well-developed, functioning emotional intelligence. Their insights are more complex, interesting and perceptive than most men…the exceptions are men who are comfortable with themselves and attracted to smart women, and learn from them

Arrogance and defensiveness are not attractive qualities…look at deplorable Trump as Exhibit A for this. So why the pushback in the comments here by men? I know guys who are intelligent, reasonable and nice people, but these aren’t the ones who have excessive egos and conflicted feelings about women. Listen to women talk about men both at work and in terms of relationships, and, if you’re open-minded, you will want to be better than that. Or should.

The author gets this and is trying to help you get it too. On the basis of the comments, eighty percent of you didn’t and won’t. Too busy lashing out at him for telling you, nicely, to own your shortcomings, which for many men is quite the list. My senior executive wife tells me most men are more competitive than collaborative most of the time. I know she’s wickedly smart and talented, so I believe her. Those of you taking offense at this article prove she’s right.

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