For the Love of God…STOP Trying to Make Government Simple.
Jennifer Hoelzer

I have become increasingly convinced that much of what is wrong with the electorate is what is missing from their education…literally. Civics, how government works, realistic discussions of current topics…gone. Education is now so focused on testing and shifting resources toward this goal that basic education for future citizens is missing. You can’t expect the average adult to grasp complexity when they haven’t been given fundamental information about the how and why of governance and voting in school.

As usual, the U.S. is leading in neglecting what used to be common to every child by the time they were in high school. Also as usual, European countries, and Scandinavians ones in particular, are where children (by their mid teens) are well versed in democracy, voting and what today’s issues mean.

Every issue we face is complicated, and this means those who don’t take it upon themselves to learn about these topics, or who are mired in some pointless ideological belief, are the low-information voters that plague our country. The current president is the dumbest guy in the room…any room.

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