Thinking About Hillary — A Follow-up
Michael Arnovitz

Nice piece, and most comments seem positive and thoughtful. One long one was neither, but that’s to be expected given what passes for opinion for some. And that’s really the underlying issue with Hillary versus her pathologically dishonest narcissistic opponent. There’s little to literally no critical thinking about the contrast of the two by far too many individuals.

The dislike for her has nothing to do with her becoming president, whereas conversely, the psychological anomalies of her opponent have everything to do with his becoming president. Her “dishonesty” is the result of years of endlessly repeated conspiracy theories from conservatives who really, really loathe her and her husband. His dishonesty is not only well documented but on display almost daily. And, as an angry, self-defensive narcissist, he combines knowing very little about many things with a temperament that no one should trust for rational, intelligent behavior.

She has detailed policies for her plans, he has plan with no content or content that defies reality. She has extensive public service in government, he has no experience of any kind in governance. She has worked for the betterment of others since high school, he is completely about himself and displays self-obsessive love that represents a complete lack of self-awareness. There are many of contrasts proving the vast difference between them

As you note, black and white “thinking” combined with vacuum-sealed ideological givens undermine realistic assessments of issues and candidates. The negative comments to your first piece were from the many who cannot cope with nuance and fine points, so they go for exaggerated, hateful hyperbole, saying far more about themselves than you or those they dislike so much. In my many years of experience, I learned long ago to write off those who cannot function with the vast grey reality that life really consists of. They don’t want to think differently and often simply cannot.

Hillary is certainly the superior candidate by any reasonable measure of what we expect, or should, of a president. Trump is the result of a failing opposition party that has ineffective leadership and has managed to alienate large numbers of their party who are moderate and sensible. The third-party candidates are representative of the utter weirdness common to third parties in a society that will never be a multi-party governance culture. Voting for them is pointless, and only benefits the exceedingly dismal Republican candidate that no sane, practical voter would want as president.

Keep writing. You are good at it and have wisdom and insight to share.

Eclectic Pragmatist —
Eclectic Pragmatist —