I’m a Scientist. This is What I’ll Fight For.
Jonathan Foley

The obvious aspect of the war on science has always been the conservative obsession with denying/dismissing facts and data. Because information often does not support conservative ideology, the absence of it is conspicuous in conservative talking points, which consist of rhetoric but no numbers.

But a more recent aspect is not as obvious. The rise of what is now known as alt-right, which includes fake news, is more ominous. Because the conservative agenda is in demographic danger as younger voters skew ever more leftward…at least culturally, the alt-right has become a screed against human progress and for a version of traditionalism that celebrates, basically, the dark ages. It denies the validity of enlightenment. Yeah, I know, incredibly obtuse, but extreme ideology is always as stupid as it appears.

By definition this is more than just about facts and data but also a moral imperative regarding human progress away from hate, intolerance and ignorance. Those who are white nationalists, xenophobes and misogynists occupy a mental state right out of the 12th century, not the 21st. Even though they are doomed to failure in terms of actually attracting popular support beyond their current fifth of the population, they can and will create dissonance that is negative, destructive and utterly pointless.

Resistance to this irrational form of conservatism is thus extremely important. Reality, no matter how strongly denied, in the end remains the only truth.

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