I’ll always Feel the Bern, but now I’m With Her
Wil Wheaton

The thing about maturity, wisdom and common sense is they provide a larger perspective than idealistic fervor about the certainties that seem absolutely true. The job of the president is to provide leadership and vision, and to offer what all executives of excellence bring: calmness, rationality and thoughtful insights that lower the emotion, not raise it. Applying these realities to the current election cycle provides the answer of who to vote for…or against.

Clinton is the quintessential candidate for president. She has it all: experience, intellect, pragmatism, attention to detail and wisdom. Trump has none of these, but he does have significant psychological anomalies that disqualify him for the office, along with zero intellect (including curiosity) and an angry temperament combined with pathological dishonesty. Ironic that Clinton, who is accused by conservative conspiracy theorists of massive dishonesty, is actually vastly more honest than her opponent.

As you note, Bernie is not going to be president. But someone is, and that someone is going to nominate a supreme court justice, interact with world leaders on security and trade, make decisions that require intelligence and the ability to balance many points of view, and work with the legislative branch to start solving long-standing problems. Denying climate change and pretending global trade is the economic problem will not work.

You know what…you don’t have to like Clinton to vote for her. Not voting or voting for a third-party candidate are votes for Trump, and do nothing to contribute to the leadership of the country in the next four years. No amount of rationalization will change any of this.

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