Trump, ‘Alternative Facts,’ and Abuse
Sara Benincasa

We know Trump is the living icon for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) criteria for Narcissist Personality Disorder. His obsession with ratings…numbers of ”reality” television show viewers, how many came to his inauguration, who won the popular vote. It’s all there. His response, and that of his clueless enablers, is that truth is whatever the alternative facts say it is. This is only going to diminish his credibility and that of his administration, which in turn will increase his uncontrollable need to create his own reality.

But there’s an authoritarian side to this as well. Note the new gag orders regarding government agencies releasing any information on climate change. It now becomes more than simply lying but also trying to hide the truth via censorship. We, the governed, determine the legitimacy of those who govern. If enough of us simply refuse to accept Trump as president, his greatest fear — the one that drives his obsession with ratings about himself, will be realized: an illegitimate president.

Eclectic Pragmatist —
Eclectic Pragmatist —

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