Montenegro Photo Journal

In winter the landscape is dry, with hues drawn by an artist that owns just one pack of colours, probably called ‘Earth’ or ‘Leather’.

It is a landscape that varies a great deal within a short distance. From the blue waters along the coast, to the rocky karst mountains in the north, there is plenty to see and there are many ‘Kodak Moments’.

I have spent many hours cycling along gravel paths, exploring new routes whilst training, only to have to stop in my tracks to take in a spectacular view.

I was riding hard on my Canyon mountain bike, enjoying the gravel track, the sound of my tires on the stones sounded like bacon frying in a pan. I was in ‘the zone’ and was feeling good. I was trying to improve on one of my saved ‘Strava’ segments, racing against a virtual partner on my Garmin GPS device, mounted on my handlebars.

Around the corner the scene above opened up in front of me.

I instantly decided to sacrifice my Strava segment and stopped. Photo opportunities like these can’t be missed. Indeed some of my favourite photos are those that have disrupted a Strava segment, or have required a u-turn.

I’ll use Medium to post more photos taken on my rides whilst I’m in Montenegro.

For those bike geeks that are interested. I am riding a Canyon Grand Canyon, a 2016 model that feels fresh and alive.

I am off now to find more gravel roads and to create more frying bacon sounds :)