A Year End Review That Sounds Like Thanksgiving

As I write another year end review, I can easily take the usual route: enumerate how many books I’ve released, tally how many more readers have joined my Reader’s Club, perhaps even brag about how my book sales have grown.

These represent the often obvious ways in which we measure success, and even the metrics through which we may quantify superficial gratitude. Yeah, in case you haven’t picked up on my tone yet, I’m not talking that route.

Instead I’ll share it’s been though. You see, those very measures, even while trending in the right direction can also produce an emptiness and lack of fulfillment that make you wonder whether any of it is worth it.

Yet, I have no doubt that I will press on. What keeps me going?

First, inspiration and faith that through the stories my imagination engenders, I share something of lasting value, perhaps even of encouragement to my readers. Second, that in the interactions I enjoy with readers (thanks for all those kind emails!), I find validation that my stories are at least striking a chord in their hearts and minds. This, more than the numbers I may or may not have achieved drives me to press on.

You see, I’m learning deep and lasting thankfulness does not come from the things I earn or achieve. Rather, gratitude that sticks with pervasive gratitude results from appreciation of the gifts I receive–often unexpected and usually undeserved.

For these gifts and through the love of my art, I count myself immeasurably blessed.

Thank you to all who have supported me, and here’s to wishing a 2016 with more adventures in storytelling!

Originally published at www.eduardosuastegui.com on December 31, 2015.