Stop telling me I don’t understand Trump voters.
Drew Jones

OK, so instead I’ll tell you that for all your insight, you are continuing to dismiss Trump supporters, which is what they’re doing to you, so I guess that makes it all right. On other news… we are getting nowhere.

Now let’s walk through your list:

  1. Mistrust of American Institutions

Trump opponents don’t trust the police, the justice system, or the political system (when the other party gets the upper hand). Hmm. Well, let’s look for another area to draw a difference…

2. Disregard of evolving social norms. i.e. political correctness

This of course presumes evolution happens only in one segment of the population. How special. But what about the other guys social norms? What about evangelicals, for instance, who are becoming more socially active (through volunteering and assistance to the inner city, for instance), while molding their notions of the value of life and family integrity to a changing society? I guess it’s politically correct to ignore them.

3. Sense of a need for change.

Well, Obama voters didn’t vote for change at all, now did they? No prior election has motivated this or that other party’s base to promote change. Hmm. Let’s keep trying…

4. Authoritarian values.

Supporters of one of the most active executive branches in history (hint: the current president had a lot to do with it) must have no problem with this either.

5. Feeling of insecurity.

Huh. What about all those anti-Trump marchers? Are they feeling warm and cozy? Yeah, that must be why they’re marching.

…And we could go on, but why?

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