Finding your tribe

Many years ago, human beings were organized into tribes. This social structure was founded on trust and cooperation.

It´s members believed that by staying together, their chances of survival would increase.

Companies, institutions, countries or even sports teams may perhaps be considered as modern tribes.

The key to the success of any tribe or organization remains to be the trust and cooperation that each member has with their peers.

Trust is a privilege and a necessity, and it is built over time.

Perhaps one of the indispensable elements to have full confidence in a human being is to know him personally.

This could be obvious but with social media and the modern tools of communication and connectivity, it is very easy to know and “trust” people you have never seen before.

I´m not pretending to discuss if it´s possible or not to have an authentic relationship without physical interaction with another human being.

What I am trying to say, is that meeting people in a physical way is an experience that even today has not been completely emulated by any technology.

The amount of physical signals that our body perceives by being face to face with another human being is immense.

As social beings we tend to seek our tribe.

Beyond our family, around the world there are many people with whom we can establish a relationship of trust and cooperation.

Our tribe is not only in our birthplace.

It can be anywhere …

If we take the time to look for it and strive to cultivate trust in our relationships.

Now go, and find your tribe.

And remember: “In order to learn, we must create”
Photo of an unofficial meeting with colleagues of a course on business strategies. All from different cities. I am in the lower right corner. My tired face does not do justice to the personal satisfaction I felt in finding people so different united in one place, sharing experiences. Credits: Liza González