These days I have been feeling that nothing is “secure” in my life, everything is seems that is just temporary and changes are always a constant in my life.

Sure that’s like a mantra for some kind of people, sure give some change!! something new!! but for me at least for who I am is complicate to handle, I schedule everything, always on time, todo and checklist are my mantras and those are part of my way of life, habits gives control for the changes, but for moments like now doesn’t work at all.

How I feel now? bad! because now my destiny is in other people's hands and that’s a complicate position to be.

Why I’m here? ambitious! because is it time to take risk and is a calculated risk, no me avente como el borras!

What I’m going to do? wait! patience is a virtue and now is time to demonstrate that to myself, enjoy where am I and the people around you.

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