My Elevator Pitch

“Hello, I am Eduardo Gonzalez, it’s very nice to meet you, I’m an engineer with almost 3 years of experience as a UI Developer in Mexico, England and U.S.A.

Specialising in User Interfaces technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JS, Angular and Node.js to offer an innovative solution perfect for any business needs.

And recently I got a promotion! I was the developer in charge to implement Angular and new UI interface in a Fortune 500 Company, because my contributions implementing smart solutions in Node.js

I’m really excited by the recent innovations in the latest technologies and would love to find out more about where is doing in this industry, My opinion the future is Web, JavaScript and Mobiles Apps.

For example I gained a lot of valuable experience through an internship in an important university in England to create an Android APP using the best algorithms and technologies that everybody can check in Android and Apple store.

I would like 20 minutes of you time to run through my portfolio in Github”

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