See the signals

Most of the time, we see situations and people for what our perspective are and not how is the reality, I mean, according with our previous experience is how we judge everything and we lost to see the important, THE SIGNALS!!!

Personal example, I was in a date with this beautiful girl, everything goes well, we had fun and there was chemistry. I was in the cloud for her beauty and charmed, many signals came by. Sure after that date I started thinking she is perfect and more important perfect to me, then I lose to see the signals.

Now I see that She is not perfect and neither do I but for my experience with other girls I judge her instead to see the truly person that she really is and for consequence that evaluate if we are compatible as a couple. So after a few months dating, reality hits me and we broke up.

So dating is the perfect example for what I saying, evaluate a potential partner for the good or bad experiences we had before is just be immerse in our little messy world than see what really is happen.

Experience tell us how to react but never have to dictate decisions we are going to make.

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