Build Something

I want to build something.

Something i can leave behind when im gone.

Something i can rest on while im still here.

Not something for my own but something that i can call my own.

I want it to be fortress like, where the broken pieces can be assembled together.

A place where starting over isn’t a reality, yet rewriting your ending is not fetching too far.

I want it to be a place of dominion, not of my own, but of himself, he who want to enter it.

You can come just as is. As you are that is. Its not a claim to dress you up to rehearse.

Rather, a place where appearance is just a shell, but whats within spills out a sweet aroma.

A place where, when you walk in, peace is felt. Yet when you walk out, peace walks out with you.

A place where security is not limited to the confines of it, but reaches just as far as you can distance yourself from it. A place where reasoning is not overshadowed by favor nor preference nor alliances nor last name. A place where freedom makes you liable for you actions and your consequences are a cause for restoration instead of exile. A place where you can look into my eyes and know that i need you not for what you can do for me, but for what I can do for you.

What place is this you’d build?

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