3 Things Happy People Do

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Sometimes people’s happiness doesn’t last very long and that is because they base their happiness on things that don’t really matter, things that are fleeting. They are happy only if certain conditions actually happen or go their way. People wait their whole life for something to happen in order to be able to be happy, and the reality is that time passes, and they never get to reach that state of mind that makes us feel alive. Happiness is an everyday decision, a state of mind that every single person seeks. Everybody wants to be happy, we strive in life to reach that state of mind in order to feel free and fulfilled. I’m sure that there is not a better sensation than having that feeling that comes from within ourselves making us feel that we are satisfied with the way we live, that we are a completed puzzle, with all the parts together, not needing anything else.

I consider the following, the three things people should do in order to achieve happiness:

1) Be thankful and positive

Happy people are at such a level of thankfulness with the world that they don’t even have time to complain. They are thankful for everything they have instead of sorry for what they don’t. In fact, they are even thankful for having to face tough situations and struggles in their lives, why? Because they understand that these struggles will prepare them for what tomorrow can bring. They don´t waste their time complaining about why they have to put up with those battles, they know that everything in life fleets and that at the end of that struggle they will be more prepared for their lives. Truth is that this world does not owe you anything, so just for the fact that you are alive, have a family by your side, a place to live, can count on quality friends, and have the opportunity of going out there to take advantage of every chance that life sets in front of you, are many reasons why to be thankful.

They base their thoughts in the positives of the situation they are going through. They practice happy thinking, they start their day by being thankful and thinking about all of the good things they have ahead in their day. By being positive about what could happen, they become optimistic and not only expect the best out of each circumstance, but they know that whatever the outcome is, at the end of the day, they either will win or learn.

2)Live the present

They work on their plans, however, they don´t set their happiness on them…anyways, who knows what is going to happen tomorrow? If you base your happiness on certain situations, you are never going to be happy because situations may change and things can go in different directions other than the one you wanted. Be happy now, not tomorrow. Happy people don’t find themselves waiting for something to be happy, they are happy now, with what they have and with the situations they are dealing with. If they are in a good position, they are happy and enjoy it, and if they are in a not so favorable position, they are also happy and trust me, happiness always helps them not only to go through the tribulation but to overcome it.

3) Be kind, give!

Happy people are kind, they give and help others. They are constantly doing random acts of kindness, it is not even something they think about, it comes from way within themselves. They feel fulfilled every time they are kind and give to others. It is not always about giving money, it is about helping your neighbors when they need a hand, it is calling a friend when you know they are going through a tough time, it is about helping an elder to cross the street, happy people find the flame that starts happiness in those acts of kindness. When you make someone happy, you’ll get even happier than the other person, because by doing so you are feeding your soul, you are going to feel alive. It feels awesome when you know that you made someone’s day by your acts.

Being happy is a decision that you have to make. It doesn’t matter if we don’t get to have that dream car, it doesn’t matter if we can’t afford that vacation, it doesn’t matter if one opportunity we wanted to be given disappears; Be thankful with life, live your present, and help others; Be happy right here in this exact moment, life is happening NOW.

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