Recharge. Be strong.

It seems that we don’t want just the truth; We want something in addition. We want perfection and we want people with these attributes so that they would be our references.

We are more disruptive and more demanding. Maybe our biggest mistake is waiting for the perfect person in a relentless pursuit for perfection. In this quest for perfection, we end up forgetting us of something important; self-pity.

If you find perfection is something humanly impossible or at least terribly exhausting, why we want to have someone perfect?

Starting from the principle that most of us envision the based-on perfection in our experiences, inclinations and what we were taught, maybe it’s time to reevaluate some of our motivations. For many of us, perfection is the translation of what is true in a high degree of sophistication and presumably the truth, thus understood, has the power to eliminate pain, and thwart problems.

However, the less I know about the truth and less interest me, I can go through problems, Whereas the more I know about the truth and have more desire to know, at some point, the truth for the truth may sabotage me. Does it sound weird? Unfortunately, many people feels like this. Perhaps we need to recharge us.

We need to focus! Yes, the buzzword is the focus and the nature can be very efficient to get our focus on balance.

Fishing can be a great way to forget the stress of everyday life.

Being in touch with nature, with the sea, with trees, may bring you new experiences and that will work in your focus; ideas can emerge from these experiences.

Facebook is a perfect place for group discussions and new ideas can easily be concatenated. I mean, good ideas; the kind which will give you benefits and make your beloveds be proud of you. Consider there are people who cheer for us but do not know how to demonstrate it. This person may your neighbor, may be the old man from sports club. So you should have respect for elders. They have fantastic stories of life and you should find out about them.

Maybe we need more trips to totally unknown places and nothing prevents us to go and come back with power renewed so that we conquer our dreams.

Nothing prevents us continue to give meaning to our lives.

Understand that a world of geniuses would be unmanageable and if we could have the freedom to do everything we could do, we could have problems.

We do not know the failures of the other, then we must take care of ourselves. There will always be someone to help you. Your family, your friends, or even your pet, and speaking of animals, we must not forget that we are rational animals, yet we are animals. If you create a lion as a pet, no matter how docile it is, yet you are not sure you can sleep soundly beside it, so confidence is built and we are rational, we are able to build trust. Your history is unique!

Nothing prevents us to start over. Nothing prevents us we try our best and let a good story. Artists and celebrities are a mixture of talent and luck. The recognition is not easy because a lot of us would like to be recognized for our beauty, or our talent, but we do not know how hard it was for a celebrity get there mainly remain there. If you think you are a good candidate, go there and try your best!

See life based on positive actions. It can take a while, but responses will come. We can not live at all or nothing. Happiness is in the middle, between the lines, in the small details.

Live more calmly and do not forget about love, focus and yes, a good music!

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