When we realize that smartphones, in fact can be considered as an extension of ourselves, we are also facing a little problem for which we would like to propose a solution. In some countries, there are more smartphones than computers and naturally the authorized technical assistances are not able to make immediate repairs on smartphones with damaged Displays due to an accidental fall; The customer want it to be repaired in less than one minute, if it was possible.

When we are driving, a flat tire is by far the most inconvenient way to rethink appointments that were already planned. We need to park the in a safe place and then we start to love the guy who invented the spare tire. Replaced tire, Ok! A call to explain the delay and good music to relax could be necessary.

In line with that rationale, and based on the view that smartphones are indispensable, especially if you are on the go, a self replacement LCD could be a great idea. This a matter of assertiveness and reality.

The LCD for replacement could be sold as an accessory and the client would change it by clicking some hidden button( good designers are the best ) then we would have LCD released, like we used to do when we needed to replace a battery of a legend like the Motorola V3.

Plus, manufacturers could save time in the assembly process. This is a idea for the future. If you like it, please share.

Thank you for the chance. Have a great day!

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