So today I waana talk about my professional carrer.

I think I had maybe two or three jobs in administration area before my first experience with hospitality industry.

So, My first experience was in 2010, when i start a waiter course, It was a social and free course where I had to do a dinamic interview first to get the vancancy. So I did and get the vacncy and started the course in december It was love at first sight. This course was in a hotel school wiht practical and teorical classes, and I live in a accomodation with another student. It was a mazing experience where I learn so many things and develop as a perso and profissional.

Before this course I did the enem avaliation and when a finish the course i aplly to a hospitality college vacancy through this program called prouni, so I get the vacancy and later I waiter job on the same hotel school.

So That´s when another unforgettable periodo of my life started, I rent a house, and in this two years of college I was decided to learn and develop everithing I could. I did some extra courses, get some free lancer job, enjoy the library which is the bigges library in america latina in hospitality terms.

So. At my last semester at the college I decided that was time to think about my next move, so I get the opportunity to do a interview to work in a cruise ship, speaking no english and don´t ask me how I get the vacancy and the day after my last class in college I was on my way to my cruise shipe life.

And I spent 9 months living on board a cruise ship around the brazil and the world, with so diferent people, so diferent culture habits and locals. I can´t teel how crucial this experience was for my profissional and mainlyfor my personal growth. I tell people that it wasa experience to remember for the rest of my life.

But my travel life had no fisnish yet, I did this cruise ship mainly for save the money and finally do my intership experience. I that´s what a do.

I did a interview in ireland for about 5 months, where I had a oportunity to study and work as a waiter. and than I deciede that´s was time to come back to Brazil to finally be able to enter in a company to growth my professinal carrer.

That´s when two and half years ago I started at ibis budget hotel in piracicaba and started develop my skills to be here today wiht you tring to get my next move: a trainee vacancy.

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