Bones & Belly Restaurant Bacolod

Bones & Belly Restaurant Bacolod: Meat lovers haven

Nothing beats the flavors of Filipino dishes. They have a distinct flavor that just touches our soul when we eat it. The taste is so comforting that we will always crave for that Filipino flavor.

And that is why, if you are a Filipino food enthusiast, you are going to love this new restaurant in Bacolod City called Bones & Belly.

Bones and Belly is a new restaurant in the city that has already gotten quite a lot of attention. It is found along Ramos-Lacson-B.S. Aquino Drive. The main dishes focused on by this restaurant is already quite obvious by the name itself, yes- it is bones and belly. Any meat lover will glorify this place.

Bones & Belly Restaurant Bacolod

The design and set up of the restaurant isn’t too fancy, it is just simple and cozy. They have an open area and an airconditioned room as well. Most of the furniture, including their plates and bowls, gives you a hint of “classic, rustic and old style Filipino” culture.

Bones & Belly Restaurant Bacolod

Another notable thing about this restaurant is there kind servers. Just like how Filipinos truly are, their servers welcome you with a genuine smile and serve you with kindness.

Bones & Belly Restaurant Bacolod

As for their dishes, those that are highly recommended are as follows:

Bulalo Soup

This is a beef leg with bone marrow soup. This dish is just cooked to perfection. If you are looking for something hearty and delicious on a cold rainy day, this dish is exactly what you need. The Bulalo soup actually has a presentation before it is fully ready to be endulged. Their servers will pour some soup into the bone marrow and mix it up a bit to really get that flavor going and then place it all back on the bowl. (watch the Video here)

Bulalo Soup - Bones & Belly Restaurant Bacolod

Grilled Tuna Belly

Their grilled tuna belly is definitely one dish that everyone should know about. Its size and just by the smell itself once it gets palced on your table, it is shouting that you devour it already. It is cooked to perfection.

Grilled Tuna Belly - Bones & Belly Restaurant Bacolod

American Ribs with Chocolate Sauce

A twist on the regular barbeque sauce on ribs, the chocolate sauce on this decadent slab of meat will be one you won’t forget. How the ribs was cooked and the sauce itself as two separate flavors is already good but once eat it together, the texture and the flavor just blends so well together. The sharing size of this depends on the weight of the ribs you will get.

American Ribs in Chocolate Sauce - Bones & Belly Restaurant Bacolod

Sizzling Cansi Steak

If you like your meat tender and soft but still so juicy, this one is the dish you would like. The sauce seems like a simple gravy sauce but it actually packs a lot of flavor to it. And the sides of it, which are just veggies, are also cooked perfectly. It complements the meat.

Sizzling Cansi - Bones & Belly Restaurant Bacolod

Lechon Kawali

Such a classic, this dish will never go out of style when it is cooked perfectly. Bones and Belly’s lechon kawali is first cooked in the oven before it is fried. So the meat is equal parts soft and crunchy.

Lechon Kawali - Bones & Belly Restaurant Bacolod

And just in case you feel like your you’ve had too much cholesterol, try to wash them down with their signature drink Pineapple and cucumber drink.

Pineapple Cucumber smoothie - Bones & Belly Restaurant Bacolod

Bones & Belly Restaurant Location:

The exact location of Bones and Belly is at Pearl Manor Building, 23rd Lacson Street (Ramos). They are open from 8 am — 9 pm, from Monday to Saturday.

Bones and Belly Google Map

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