Making a Difference : Save Money on your Electric Bill with Solar Panels and Help Save the Planet

Making a Difference : Help Save the Planet by using Solar Panels on your Roof

It can no longer be denied that Climate Change is real. In different parts of the world, drastic effects brought by climate change is seen and felt. Each year, extreme flooding, intense droughts, massive hurricanes, strong heat waves, and a lot more catastrophic disasters continue to increase in number and increase in severity.

People make mistakes, but one of the biggest mistakes done by the human race is not taking care of the only planet it can live on. Thankfully, there still is time to change. There is still time to correct the wrongs.

One way of doing so is by reducing your Carbon Footprint.

Make a Difference, Reduce your Carbon Footprint   with Solar Panels

But first, what is Carbon Footprint?

The scientific definition of carbon footprint by is:

“The total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).”

Basically, carbon footprint is the measurement of the amount of CO2 that a person’s activities produce.

These greenhouse gases come from various activities such as transportation, production of products like food, machinery, etc., and many more. It may seem like you aren’t a producer of CO2, but in fact you as well. For example, since burning fuel emits CO2, driving your car adds up to your carbon footprint. Using coal, oil, or gas at home is also another example. Or it can be as simple as using Aerosol spray. All of these that were just mentioned are some of the many examples of how YOU can be emitting greenhouse gases.

The US Environmental Protection Agency has an online calculator for computing how carbon footprint reduction strategy can be understood in concrete terms.

But the question still remains, how can you reduce your carbon footprint?

Have you ever heard of alternative energy, specifically Solar Power energy?

Alternative energy, by its name, is alternative forms to generate power other than the use of the typical fossil fuel. Solar Power is a type of alternative energy.

Making a Difference - Save Money on your Electric Bill with Solar Panels and Help Save the Planet

What is Solar Power?

Solar = suns, so simply put, Solar Power is power coming from the sun converted to energy that can be used as a form of electricity to heat up your stove, light up your house, etc.

The method of getting solar power is by using solar panels and solar thermal collectors. Solar thermal collector collects sunlight and converts it to usable energy. Solar panels work by converting solar radiation that falls to the panel into electric energy.

How is solar power beneficial?

At first, it may seem like the cost is big but take a look at it from a larger perspective; the outcomes will outweigh the costs.

That initial investment you will shell out to install this will probably be the only time you would have to take out money because after installation there is little to no maintenance needed by both the solar panel and solar thermal collectors. After that, everything the system generates for you will be free. In addition, tariffs can be paid to if you covert to green energy or alternative energy. If you connect yourself to the grid, you can also end up selling any surplus electricity you produce to energy suppliers.

Making a Difference - Save Money on your Electric Bill with Solar Panels

Why should YOU switch to solar power?

Because you’re saving the environment AND saving money too!

Being able to contribute in helping save the planet is already a big thing but how much more that you help save money for yourself. There are many reasons why switching to solar power energy is good for you and the environment.


Sometimes no matter how many different electricity savers equipment or methods you try, you still can’t help but receive high electricity by the end of the month. Switching to solar power will help lessen the amount you have to pay because half of your household electricity usage will be coming from solar power.


Power outs in different parts of the world are regular occurrence it can be because of power problems in the area or maybe a storm caused a black out, in short since your power supply is not within your control, it can get unreliable at times. By converting to solar power energy, you will always be sure that your house will have electricity able because duh, the sun will always be there.


We already talked about how it can help you save money but the most important reason why solar power energy is the energy of the future is because it helps save mother earth.

Most countries rely on fossil fuels for energy and it is very unsustainable. By switching to solar power, the amount of fossil fuel burned will be lessened.

Imagine if a whole community, city, country, switches to solar power?

Switch now while there’s still time. Make a decision that helps you and saves the planet.

It’s Time to make a Difference!

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