The Yakiniku Room at L’fisher Hotel Bacolod

The Yakiniku Room at L’fisher Hotel

How can the line “All you can eat” Japanese cuisine make you not turn your head and run towards the restaurant that offers it? Japanese food and “all you can eat” is just exactly what any foodie would want to hear.

With only Php 599 (per person), this amount will allow you to eat as much meat, rice, kimchi and miso soup as you want at The Yakiniku Room at L’Fisher Hotel (The Php 599 excludes drinks). The Yakiniku Room is situated at the 14th-15th Lacson Streets in Bacolod City.

Yakiniku Room - Negros Bloggers Event

Yakiniku is a Japanese term with the definition of “grilled meat”. And grilling is how the meat in The Yakiniku Room is cooked.

Yakiniku Room Entrance

For Php 599 + service charge, you are given different choices of meat such as beef (you can choose from beef tenders to even Wagyu beef!), pork (parts such as pork loin and pork belly) and chicken. (FYI: The meats have already been pre-seasoned before being served) And of course you can also have a pick from the assorted vegetables that you would like to match with your meat. Or if you’re not a veggie fan, then just go all out on meat and rice for the whole time. There are a lot of tasty sauces you can choose from that can enhance the flavors of your choice of meat. Or if you opt to have your meat as is, then that is fine as well.

Yakiniku Room Foods

The Yakiniku Room Buffet

Tips on how to maximize your Php 599

  • If you truly want to maximize your 599, just have water as your drink to prevent your tummy from losing space for all that meat and so that you would not have to spend anymore.
  • Try to follow the sequence of Meat — Meat with vegetables — Meat with rice — Miso soup. If you start with rice immediately, the normal tendency is that your stomach would feel stuffed instantly because rice is heavy carbs. And by following this sequence, you can actually still have a lot of space for all the rice you want to eat.
  • Beef is actually heavier for your tummy compared to pork which means pork is the better choice of meat for your first few bites.
  • Have some sips of tea from time to time. It will help push down the food.
Yakiniku Room Assorted Veggies

The Yakiniku Room Assorted Veggies

The Yakiniku Room Beef belly

The Yakiniku Room Beef belly

The Yakiniku Room Beef Tenderloin

The Yakiniku Room Beef Tenderloin

The Yakiniku Room Pork belly

The Yakiniku Room Pork Belly

Yakiniku Room Pork Loin

The Yakiniku Room Pork Loin

Because it size isn’t as big compared to some restaurants, The Yakiniku Room has become a place where customers would hold over-lunch meetings, barkada reunions, and even simple birthday celebrations.

Yakiniku Room grill

Now Grilling

Tips on how to cook and enjoy the food

  • After cooking the meat, try eating it as is, with one sauce and combination sauces. This is so that you can find which one really suits your palette.
  • Use medium heat for all the meats.
  • Make sure that you aware of how thick or thin the slice you are grilling. Thick takes some time while thin is fast. (You wouldn’t want to eat burnt meat, now would you?)
Yakiniku Room drinks

The Yakiniku Room Mocktail Drink, they also serve Cocktails

The Yakiniku Room unlimited meal schedule:


  • 11 AM — 2 PM for lunch
  • 9 PM — 11 PM for dinner

Go to L’fisher hotel and Indulge and enjoy what The Yakiniku Room has to offer.

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The Yakiniku Room:

Address: Ripples Restaurant, L’ Fisher Hotel 14 Lacson St, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

Phone: (034) 433 3731

The Yakiniku Room Map

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