Yakimix Bacolod : Smokeless Grill Restaurant — Grill All You Want

Grill All You Want at Yakimix Bacolod

What is better than food? MORE FOOD! Food is a simple craving that can enhance emotions of positivity and erase emotions of negativity. During days we feel exhausted and tired of how school, work, etc., sometimes all we need is a picker-upper to get us through the week. And food is really the best solution for it. A buffet restaurant just recently opened in SM Bacolod which fits the criteria of “more food” and “picker-upper”.

Yakimix is a famous buffet restaurant that can be found in many different malls around Metro Manila. Now for those living in and near Bacolod, Yakimix is now within reach.

Yakimix Bacolod Entrance

Don’t be fooled by its name, Yakimix may be a dominantly Japanese buffet restaurant, but you have nothing to worry about for it also serves other types of Asian cuisines like Filipino, Chinese, and Korean.

Prepare to be amazed by all the FOOD. All you will see is GOOD FOOD! Dining times are divided into two, lunch and dinner. And both time slots have more than three hundred dishes to choose from. Imagine never running out of food to try. Every dish is cooked to perfection and all are properly maintained once it leaves the kitchen.

Yakimix Bacolod
Yakimix Bacolod has a lot of food to choose from


Yakimix Bacolod Japanese Food Section 2
Yakimix Bacolod Japanese Food Section


Yakimix Bacolod Japanese Food Section 1
Yakimix Bacolod Japanese Food Section


Yakimix Bacolod Beverage Section
Yakimix Bacolod Beverage Section

You won’t find a dish that isn’t tasty and delicious. Because of the different Asian Cuisines found here, if you’ve gotten a little too much of that Japanese flavor, you can cleanse your palette by eating other Asian cuisines.

Inside Note: For all meat lovers out there, you will definitely feel like you’re in savory heaven with their meat station. They have different types of meat, cooked in different ways to suit whatever type of taste you crave for.

If you are looking for a healthier “munch down”, there are also veggie and fruit dishes available in Yakimix for you to enjoy. They are incredibly tasty!

While for those who have a sweet tooth, Yakimix does not lack in dishes that will satisfy that love of desserts of yours. Their desserts are definitely well-prepared and they aren’t the usual “tasteless” buffet desserts. Yakimix’s desserts will knock your socks off.

Yakimix Bacolod Dessert Section
Yakimix Bacolod Dessert Section
Side Note: For those who are bringing children with them in the restaurant, no need to worry, Yakimix has dishes that are children friendly. These dishes are those that will excite the palettes of your kids.

Other notable things about Yakimix in SM Bacolod are their décor, ambiance, and personnel. The décor definitely speaks the cuisine, it isn’t too loud or bold but it does give you the hint of Asian simplicity which is why the ambiance in the buffet restaurant is also something anyone would appreciate.

Yakimix Bacolod Interior


Yakimix Bacolod Interior


Yakimix Bacolod Interior

Their personnel, from the servers, outside chefs, receptionists, every personnel in general is very accommodating and welcoming. Their service is impeccable as well. They work fast and clean. Refilling is quick and tables are always tidy.

And of course, the best part about Yakimix is its price! With all the good food, ambiance, and service you are going to receive; only a small amount is needed to be paid. Yes, Yakimix is VERY VERY budget friendly!

If you’re planning to visit Yakimix, you can find it at the North wing SM City Bacolod.

Originally published at Bacolod Lifestyle and Travel Guide.