For teachers and parents raising socially conscious children, the story of the first Thanksgiving can be a complicated one.

Sights by Educasic now offers a mobile teacher tool for sight word testing

Sights Teacher Testing Tool for Mobile

Free, classroom-connected, loved by students, teachers, and parents. And it’s pretty!

The New Sights for Parents

Easter sight word activities plus a Springtime sight word list for early ed students

A quick, 6-step guide to getting the most from your Dash AND your students

We count off our favorite Dr. Seuss stories, sprinkle in some seriously inspirational quotes, and list the sight words to practice with each story ❤

Meet the award-winning edtech startup that’s doing big things for early childhood education


Passionate startup dedicated to #EdTech, #WomeninTech, and #ECE. Teach sight words? Visit us at

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