Hop, play, egg, and 22 other sight words for Easter

Easter sight word activities plus a Springtime sight word list for early ed students

Easter is just around the corner, and for those of you not on Spring Break this week, it means you get to have a little extra fun with your students! We put together an Easter and Springtime-themed sight word list to study with your students this week. Plus, we found a couple seriously cute (and free!) sight word activities. Spread the sight word love!

Easter Sight Word Activities

Teachers Pay Teachers is the best website ever (you know it, we know it, let’s all just admit it), so we knew we’d find a few very cute Easter-themed activities for the classroom. The 3 activities have a 4/4 rating and are FREE! Here’s what we found:

  1. This PEEP card game. This adorable sight word game can be played in guided reading groups by placing all of the sight word cards as well as the special PEEP cards into a deck. Students turn over a card, and if they get the word right, they keep the card. The student with the most cards at the end wins! You choose how to celebrate (we suggest Peeps, of course). Get it here.
  2. This Easter sight word card game. Who doesn’t love a good game of “Spot It”? Not us, we don’t not love it. (As in, we love it!) Anyway, here’s an Easter version of Spot It with bunnies. You choose the sight words you’re working on. Get it here.
  3. These Color by Sight Word Easter eggs. This Easter-themed color by word uses common Dolch words. They get to practice sight words AND color words! One promising review said, “My students enjoy the color by sight word papers. They don’t even realize they are practicing reading skills.” BAM. Get it here.

22 Springtime + Easter sight words ❤

Check out our list of 22 sight words pulled from Dolch lists, Fry lists, and popular children’s books. The words range from easy to more difficult (kinder to 3rd grade) and are sure to add some fun to your usual sight word practice. Make flashcards or use your Sights Dashboard to create and study the list with your students.

Springtime + Easter Word List:


*If you’re using your Sights Dashboard to make the list, just click into your List Manager (the list icon in the upper right of your Dash) then use the drop-down menu to select “Create a new custom list.” Go ahead and name your list, then add the words and arrange the levels.

Sights Dashboard test

If you don’t already have a Sights Dashboard for your sight word curriculum, you’re missing out. Seriously. Try Sights for free.

We hope you have a great time celebrating Easter with your students while learning some new sight words! Share your own sight word activities in the comments.