The Top Ten Apps To Help Children Learn

At Educasic we are all about combining technology and learning, and I believe there are many layers to apps that will help kids learn - I would like to break it down into categories.

The most important part of learning is organization and I would like to take a moment to recommend OmniFocus (as mentioned in the link previously on this profile) to the parents who are trying to organize their lives and their children’s lives, this app is for you, although a bit pricey especially if you’re aiming to have Omnifocus across all of your devices, but you get get educational pricing.

Organizational apps for children:

  1. Sights: an app that helps your children learn and retain 3x MORE sight words, with built-in reminders for the parent to practice with their child. This app is connected to the teacher’s classroom and provides your child’s teacher with REAL-TIME feedback on your their progress. Sights can be downloaded from both App Stores (iTunes and Google Play), and requires a classroom code from a teacher. (Ages 4–10) (ESL) (BTW — this one is our favorite :) )
  2. This next app cost $5 on both iTunes and Google Play, but you can try the first chapter free and I think this app will play a huge role in harboring creativity in children and help them make decisions. This app is ] Strands, this is a choose your own adventure reading type story / app. Students follow strands of hair that guide them through the decision process, they get access to a map that shows the path they have taken and the possible outcomes blocked by choices already made. (Ages 8 and up)
  3. Goodreads is another reading app I’d like to recommend for helping students find great books to read. Parents and students alike can even write their own reviews. This is a free app for iDevices and Androids, you can even keep a list of what you have read and what you wish to read. (All reading ages, seriously!)
  4. I want to mention a writing app but I was struggling to find one for young kids: Story Builder is a good app, however — this app walks kids through writing a story, but instead of typing out their responses, they speak directly to their phone, this app is only available for iDevices — iPod, iPad, and iPhone. (Ages 5 and up)
  5. Khan Academy has to make this list as well. KA has tons of resources to teach you just about anything you need to learn. Maybe this will help parents help their children learn say, a math concept for example. This is a free app in iTunes. (Kindergarten through graduate school)
  6. A wonderfully cute app also on this list is Trace it, Try it. This app is $2.99 in the app store (iTunes) and is exactly what it sounds like, this app is aiming for kids to trace their letters and then, try it. Super cute, 4.6 out of 5 rating. (K-2nd grade)
  7. This is not a phone based game, but rather a computer game for $4.60 + shipping on Amazon you can embark your children on their first adventure. Jumpstart 3D Virtual World: My First Adventure is a subscription based game ($8) that allows kids to practice skills like reading and math with process reports. I was a HUGE fan of JumpStart games growing up and would recommend them to anyone. (Ages 3–5)
  8. A little late on this list is Alpha Zoo, is an alphabet app that helps littles ones learn about sight and sound. (Ages 2–6)
  9. I could not leave this app out because I feel like Dr. Seuss is so important for any and every child. The Dr. Seuess Treasury App, that allows you and your children to explore all 55 of his books, a free app to download on iTunes but a subscription-based app that offers a 7-day trial and one free book a month with no subscription..(All ages!)
  10. And last but not least — I recommend an app called Seesaw: The Learning Journal. Seesaw empowers children as young as five to create a digital portfolio of what they are learning in school, it also allows teachers to organize and collect the information they gain from this app in one place. Students can add voice recordings, text, as well as photos to their portfolio. This app is free for iDevices as well as Android, it is also available for Chromebooks, Kindle Fires and computers with Chrome or Firefox web browsers. (Ages as young as 5, reviewers say all grade students will love this app!)

-Brittney Clouse

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