IIMT Ahmedabad says UAE values academic qualification for jobs

Dubai and other areas in UAE have always been one of the top preferred destinations for people to work. UAE pays you pretty well and the labor laws are quite favorable for the employees, provided, you have the right academic qualification for it. Now if this is one sphere where you are falling behind, IIMT Ahmedabad will help you.Working abroad offers its own charm, depending upon what place you go to. UAE has been one of the most preferred locations for Indians to work. Not only the good pay scale lures us, but also a healthy working environment combined with the luxuries and leisures of UAE are important deciding factors.Economy in UAE is still progressive.Distance education courses at International Institute of Management and Technical Studies, Ahemdabad allows people to pursue higher degree of education without having to leave the job. The courses at IIMT are designed in such a way that a candidate can pursue a degree, diploma or certificate course alongside the job.This is a safe way out in such a competitive environment. It isn’t easy getting a job. You compete against many and letting such a job go because you want to pursue higher qualification is not such a wise step. Wouldn’t it be better to find a middle way out where you get degree from a reputed institution and have the chance to work side by side?Owning an higher qualification certificate is something we all cherish, don’t we? And the news of future security only for highly qualified professionals makes a moment perfect time to take benefit of flexible E-learning system and to earn higher education. IIMT Ahmedabad is ranked as the 4th best autonomous education institute in India to study through distance learning courses.
Source: blog.thevoiceofnation