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By: Evan Marwell

All around the country, college students are graduating and many of them are entering the workforce for the first time. It’s an exciting moment and a pivotal one. It can be daunting to face so many big decisions all at once, figuring out where you want to live and work and who you want to be.

As a parent of college-aged kids and the Founder and CEO of an organization that’s dedicated to creating access to more educational opportunities for students, I’ve been thinking a lot about how new graduates can make decisions to help them succeed in work and life. …

By: Jack Lynch

I recently returned from the Transformación Digital para el Aprendizaje Summit in Santiago, Chile (in English that’s the Digital Transformation for Learning Summit).

The summit included Chile’s Minister of Education and Minister of Science and Technology as well as international education policy groups, university researchers, and digital learning practitioners, all of whom gathered to share research and field experience about the power of technology to impact teaching and learning.

In many ways, Chile is in a similar position as the United States was when we started EducationSuperHighway: most schools are connected to the Internet, but not at a speed that enables the robust usage of technology in the classroom. …

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By Content Team

At EducationSuperHighway, we believe that Internet access in the classroom is a vital component of student success, as are the teachers who make it all possible. This Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re honoring teachers by sharing expert advice on how we can best support their efforts to bring 21st-century learning to their classrooms every day.

We asked EducationSuperHighway District Consultant Hanna Beckman for her input. Hanna is a former Coro Fellow and Teach for America alumna who has helped teachers and administrators across the country expand their computer science programs. …

By Brad Weiger, Director of District Consulting at EducationSuperHighway

Throughout my career at EducationSuperHighway, growing into a stronger leader has been at the core of my professional development goals. However, working in the nonprofit space has redefined what a strong leader looks like for me, as demonstrated by my co-workers who share my commitment to making America’s schools more equitable.

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This year, our leadership team decided to break tradition and chose to recognize a major annual milestone by providing us with an opportunity to visit the Equal Justice Initiative Legacy Museum and National Memorial for Peace and Justice. …

By Charlie Ward, Software Developer at EducationSuperHighway

In early November last year, I had the chance to visit the National Memorial for Peace and Justice as well as the Legacy Museum with the organization that I work for, EducationSuperHighway.

The intent of the trip was to learn more about America’s history of racial injustice and its legacy today. As a white man from Ireland living in America, I don’t want to give the impression that I understand this topic at its harrowing depths. …

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By Evan Marwell

I founded EducationSuperHighway in 2012 because I believed we could expand educational opportunity and equity by expanding access to high-speed Internet in public school classrooms across America, and I saw a way to correct it. To achieve my mission, I knew I needed a team who shared my vision and unrelenting commitment to access in the classroom. …



Closing the Classroom Connectivity Gap

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