Things to Look for When Choosing a Student Information System

Student Information Systems

Beginning of a school year will be the right time the management can think about implementing advanced technical solutions that can improve the school performance. Student Information Systems provided by established companies help the management to deal with all sorts of student data in school, let that be

i. Student registration in courses
ii. Grading documentation
iii. Test results
iv. Assessment scores
v. Student schedules creation
vi. Student attendance tracking
vii. Management of any other student-related data

Also referred to as school administration software this innovative software helps the exchange of ordered information between teachers, students and parents. Though the process of choosing a new SIS for your school will be a time consuming process, this choice will have a major impact on improving student achievement as well as reducing costs in running an educational institution.

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Since it is available in different size and scope, Student Information Systems can offer regulatory reporting and also assists with highly configurable functionality.

However, before choosing a new SIS, consider these tips

1. Full-time access — Make sure that the information system you choose is a web-based system that provide 24/7 access of student information to administrators, teachers, students and even parents.

2. User-friendliness is must — Complex system that is difficult to use can create major headaches to the school management and administration. Your usage may change depending on the changing demands of the school. As a user, you should be clear with the usage techniques of Student Information System. Before signing up to purchase the system, remember to ask your vendor about ongoing training options. If not considered early, all such training may end up in “hidden” costs. Make sure that irrespective of their levels of computer proficiency, school staff as well as parents and students should be able to perform their tasks on SIS of your choice.

3. Customizable option — Can you imagine a new Student Information System you bought for the school fails fitting into the system? The situation is worse, right? You may not be able to modify it to your needs. To avoid such headaches, make sure to ask about those peculiarities. Check whether the software can be implemented via customization. Also ensure that you add custom fields, if you want to add more details about the student or staff, and can create a custom report that suits your needs.

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4. Security options –SIS can be considered as a boon, when it comes to protecting confidential school data. Highly secured, the database of this advanced system can only be accessed by authorized people. But make sure that the SIS you install has protections in place. Encryption of any personal data is a must. Training must be provided for required persons on how to access personal student data. Remember not to compromise your password and login details.

5. Meet Parent’s specific rights — The system you choose must support to meet the rights of all parents. They should be able to monitor all the education records and data of their child. The system should also include communication features that ensure a strong bond between teachers, students, parents and administrators.

School management must be very careful in sharing student data to any third party. It is highly recommended that the schools must receive written permission from parents before releasing student information. The management should abide by the existing standard rules to disclose student information. Web based student Information Systems from reputable vendors allow you to access the data irrespective of your location.