Dear World — Just In Case I Don’t Get Another Chance!

I know you’re watching what’s happening in America — probably with your mouth hanging open — just as dumbfounded as we are — and there doesn’t seem to be a way out of the crazy. I can’t explain what happened — there is no rhyme or reason for the situation we have here, but I just wanted you to know — not all of us are as despicable, bigoted, and the tantrum-throwing-toddler-in-chief who now is the proclaimed leader of the United States of America — all because of Russian influence and false propaganda.

We were warned by so many people who have gone before us — in history and through the lens of those who actually lived in an era where authoritarians ruled — without knowledge or wisdom and certainly without concern for anyone but themselves. But the people who are responsible for this mess — the 63 million who voted for him — are still blinded by his ability to charm and gaslight and they are not even aware. He told them on his many rallies that he loved the low-educated and the ill-informed. They weren’t paying attention to the slight, and now — it’s too late for any of them to turn back the clock and do what’s right.

Because he has learning disabilities and never did well in school, he had no problem selecting a person to govern our public school system who knew nothing, had no experience or expertise in governing and he didn’t care. I’m guessing he had enough on the Republicans in our Congress to bully them in confirming her — Betsy DeVos — and now — only the rich will ever have access to a quality education. You see — this was a deliberate attempt to keep people — low educated and ill-informed — forced to believe only what he says so he could rule without question.

Funny thing about asking questions — which he never answers — it’s how we learn and inquiring minds always want to know more, but I guess that wasn’t him and now — he doesn’t want anyone to question him; especially the media, who if they don’t keep up a strong fight, will fade away into nothingness and we’ll be doomed for certain. I hope the media here will stand up to the bully, but if they don’t have anything to report to us, because he won’t talk to them or answer their questions, they’ll become extinct and you’ll soon forget about us.

Please, please don’t forget about us. They’re shutting down access to free Internet, de-regulating agencies created to make sure we have clean air and water and that our food was safe to eat. The only people who will survive — maybe are the rich who can afford to shelter themselves in bunkers and hoard all they need, but the rest of us…only time will tell.

We’re counting on you world — if you cannot rescue us — then at least tell our story so other democracies won’t encounter the same fate. We know — that in the vast universe — there are good people out there who will also see human beings worthy of compassion — no matter what their skin tone, ethnicity, or religious belief. That used to be us. We were even given a gift from France that was a constant reminder of who we welcomed to these shores. A plaque was place on the statue of Liberty — we called her Lady Liberty — and she stood tall and proud with an eternal torch blazing brightly so all would know they were welcome. Now, France may want her gift back and if not given back, it won’t hold much meaning as it crumbles into the river, it’s beacon of hope doused forever.

You may wonder why I’m appealing to the world and I don’t blame you. I never thought I’d be considered a refugee, but it’s possible and I hope that a door will be open to us — the rest of the 324 million who didn’t vote for a wannabe dictator. You see, went I studied civics in high school, I learned that certain safeguards were put into place within our constitution to protect us from ever being ruled by one person. Unfortunately, our GOP Congress either forgot their role or are too busy trying to amass wealth to pay attention. At any rate, we know we can no longer count on them and the rest of the Congress — the Democrats are just as impotent as we are since they are the minority party.

We tried — those of us who were willing to resist and oppose what we saw coming our way. We made phone calls pleading with elected leaders to do their job and work for Americans. We emailed and tweeted, protested and prayed and it seems that no one is listening to our pleas. You’re our last hope — please, please, please — rescue us from the jolly orange giant and his nationalist minions — who want to destroy us and Make America White Male Dominant Again the way it was — over 50 years ago.

If you can’t or don’t help us — please seek the artifacts from archived posts from the Internet on FaceBook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, Wordpress, and more and keep our history alive — especially if we don’t survive to tell it.

Well, the lights, as well as all hope, is dimming and I must end this letter before I’m discovered and carted off in the next round-up of undocumented immigrants since by my looks — I fit the profile of being here illegally — never mind the fact that I was born here — they don’t ask too many questions. They just herd people like animals — separating them from families like they did over 200 years ago, when they brought slaves to this land and treated them worse than their animals — pulling babies from their mother’s breasts, dragging husbands away from wives and children — are left standing, rivers of tears gliding down their faces as they watch with horror — not knowing what else to do.

World out there — I beseech you by all that’s holy — find it in your heart to rescue people who have no place to go and no way to get there, even if we could go. You see many of us are old and tired, with limited incomes and not enough stamina to weather this storm of crazy. We have children and grandchildren and would love to know their futures are secure, but we cannot make any promises because promise left when the Russians hacked and gave our election to the pompous, pathological liar and no one wants to take the necessary steps to remove him because they fear him and what he has on them. We cannot count on our Department of Justice to investigate without bias; and we certainly cannot count on the Attorney General to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law because — to them — the liar is the law and they are more loyal to the liar than they are to the Americans who put them in office. They didn’t learn that true Patriotism is being loyal to the country, not the president.

Confirmation and verification can be made by paying attention to world news, and spies who are surely lurking about — trying to get all the information they can so they can report back — to whoever wants to know — for whatever reason, but it would appear — not to save our hides.

Do you hear us? Can you save us? Will you save us? We may never get another chance to make this appeal so keep it saved and near for review and whenever you hear, the lights have gone out in America — you’ll know — we were telling the truth — not an alternative truth, but the truth as known to God.

Please, save Americans so America can rise from the dust and ashes, that are bound to be the end result of this craziness, to grace this land once again with a heart wide-open to receive and love all! Dear World, we’re counting on you because we have no one else to turn to who will answer our cries. HELP!