Much work has been done internally which is not easily grasped from the outside without spending large amounts of time in the dash project, sifting around the forums and slacks to get all of the available data.

The point of this post is to improve the communication between the community and dash core and dash labs and to show the ongoing work.

Dash Core

We are presently documenting the final bits of the evolution design using a brand new documentation system, called DIPS, Dash Improvement Proposals. This is a process added by Andy Freer, our local CTO of the Dash Core project.

So far we’ve added many hundreds of pages of documentation, in over 35 DIPS. Many of these present the final design of Dash Evolution.

This includes subscription transactions, allowing users to reserve usernames. State Transitions, a unique solution to allow users update pieces of data within their user account. DAPI documentation, the new solution which allows the masternode network to provide a simple yet secure API to dash evolution. DashDrive, a file storage system for just Dash. Object Schema, a dynamically interrupted system that defines the objects available to the user.

Dash Labs

I’ve just moved to Hong Kong and am getting situated in my new home, acquainted with local day-to-day living in a completely different part of the world and have been meeting regularly with the local dash-core members in the area to coordinate our efforts for the project.

We’ve just hired our first employee, an experienced software engineer, who is organizing the project. We began by looking into what we want to accomplish from my plans for the first few months and have simplified the to the highest, most valuable pieces and eliminated much of the excess time-consuming / least-rewarding pieces.

The plan now is to begin by implementing a GPU based hardware accelerator for improving the block-throughput of the network. This means we can process one block at a time and hundreds of transactions, allowing the blocks to be processed in a fraction of the time by the masternode network. The project requires one engineer, which is capable of writing gpu algorithms, the next engineer we are presently looking for.

We would also like to get a local office, which is going to be a space used by dash labs and dash core, to align and coordinate the efforts of the two projects, allowing them to effectively bridge the work being done. We’re not looking to operate completely out of hong kong, this will be just the core dash-labs organizational team, which helps to keep the international team unblocked and operational day-to-day.


Work is going well, we are actively seeking out the opportunities which will allow dash to grow unhindered over the next few years. We’re excited to see what we’re able to accomplish over the next few months and how it will affect the project. Thanks for reading!

Written by

Dash Labs // Dash Founder

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