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SINGAPORE — 21 February 2019. With the recent “hype” of fake credentials and forging of transcripts in order to get the ideal position at work, many human resource departments desired a method to quickly verify hundreds or sometimes thousands of credentials submissions. For those who went through the years of hardship to put on their graduation hats, it means safekeeping that piece of hard-earned certificate and transcript is a top priority when come to any house moving or relocation. Losing those Credentials also means a troublesome process of waiting and costly reprint.

This is what Edufied set out to solve, like a logistics last mile delivery provider ensuring the package is safety & quickly delivered to its end users, For Edufied it’s to provide a quick and secured verification method via blockchain technology for the human resource department, while for individuals, they can have a peace of mind when their credentials are safely kept in their personalised Training and Academic Passport, always ready to be shared securely with a click of a few buttons.

Since the inception of the idea in March 2018, Edufied went from a concept to product-ready with 50,000 committed users within 10 months. Their clients include Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS, A Global Assembly of Financial Planning Bodies), My Working Title ( A Career Design Company), Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP, A Professional Development Institute Specialize in the Area of Counter Terrorism), etc.

CEO and Founder of Edufied, Ryan SOH speaking from EduTech Philippines 2019, “We are delighted that Edufied fits into the current Academic, Training and Business needs for the various industries. Through our blockchain system, our aim is to assist the issuers in saving both time and money when it comes to issuance and verification process.

For individuals, they can easily store and share their credentials without the worries about losing them.

With our initial implementation focusing only in Singapore, we are very delighted to have numerous enquiries during this EduTech Philippines event with a few institutions in talk with us about implementing Edufied in the next few months. The sharing session I had on 18 February 2019, Monday with Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Education Committee ( PCCI EduCom ) for 30 plus institutions turned out to be an eye opener for many as they start to understand the actual use case of Blockchain in Education.

Staying focus purely on Blockchain Technology has bear fruits over the past months, we will see more organizations leveraging on Blockchain technology in different business use cases. Edufied is glad that we are one of the first movers in the industry.”

With a clear expansion plan in each country, Edufied signed a MOU on 31 January 2019 with Mastereign Enrichment Group, a leading Enrichment Provider in Singapore on rolling out Edufied system throughout the K12 sector.

“With Mastereign’s extensive network in the Singapore Education system and the partnership with Edufied, students can start collating their recognition at a young age. This non-academic recognition will stay with them when they are workforce ready and provide a true trace of growth through skills and interest based training.

Our aim is to be able to reach out to the 450,000 kids and youths within the next 36 months.” said Terry LIM, Managing Director of Mastereign Enrichment Group,

As Blockchain technology advances and being gradually adopted, Edufied will be the one-stop credential storage system, solving the headaches of paper-based issued certificates and multiple PDF storage challenges. The positioning of the Last Mile Delivery in Education aims to provide conveniences to both issuers and individuals.

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About Edufied

Edufied is a Blockchain-based Credential Storage & Verification System that allows Academic institutions and Training Providers to issue e-certificates with ease, preventing any fake certificates/claims from happening. The system also improves work efficiency by reducing the amount of admin work (eg. attending to call-in verification or attending to certificate reprint request).

For learners, they will be given an academic & training passport to store and share their credentials securely and easily.


About Mastereign

Mastereign Enrichment Group was established more than 20 years ago and is currently the leading provider of enrichment and lifelong learning programmes in Singapore. We provide an enriching and fun-filled environment that promises to broaden and deepen the skillsets of participants while taking learning beyond the conventional methods and styles. We specialize in creating a holistic learning experience and constantly seek to employ creative and inter-disciplinary approaches to impact learners from all walks of life. Our diverse range of programmes are delicately curated and customized to ensure a purposeful and rewarding learning experience.

In Mastereign, we possess a fervent belief in matching the best trainers to meet the learning needs of different participants. We dedicate ourselves to creating programmes that promote sustainable development of our participants and empower them to become outstanding leaders and successful individuals in their workplaces.


About Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS)

Established on 1st December 1998, the Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS) is a non-profit professional association dedicated to developing and promoting the financial planning industry in providing unbiased financial advice to the Singaporean public.

FPAS is part of a global assembly of financial planning bodies, and a licensee of the Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd., a US-based non-profit organisation launched in October 2004 to set standards for and oversee the international CFP® certification program. FPSB currently has 26 members, including the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP® Board), and the number of CFP professionals reached a global high of 175,573 at year-end 2017.


About My Working Title

My Working Title is a career design company and movement that inspires and empowers people to actively design their careers. Through Playing, Planning and Prototyping, our clients have found joy and hope in moving forward — for Employability and ‘Thrivability’.

Our key ‘Playspace’ is in the intersection of graduating students piped to companies who are Recruiting, Receiving and Retaining them.

Since our launch in September 2017, our approach, solutions and tools are now in 13 countries. Our clients include: LinkedIn, Keppel Capital, Shopback for Corporations and NUS Business School (MBA, EMBA), RMIT (Australia) and Ngee Ann Polytechnic for Education Institutions.


About Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP)

CCTP is a professional development program and a Certification which provides proof of knowledge of expertise of terrorism prevention, detection, and deterrence. The CCTP Certification is provided to eligible candidates who have successfully passed strenuous examinations, which measure the understanding of the 14-Main Areas within the counterterrorism field.


About EduTech Philippines

The EduTECH Philippines exhibition is where leading solution providers can showcase a wide range of technologies aimed at helping Filipino educators make education more relevant in the 21st century. Our mission is to bring together the entire education sector in the Philippines to learn, be inspired and exchange ideas.


About Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry ( PCCI )

PCCI is the voice of Philippine business recognized by government and international institutions. As a proactive catalyst of development, PCCI promotes and supports the drive for globally competitive Philippine enterprises in partnership with government, local chambers, and other business organizations.

The main responsibility of PCCI is to provide focused advocacy for business growth and sustainable development by providing business services for the advancement of grassroots entrepreneurship, chamber development, international trade relations, business innovation and excellence, and operating efficiency. These will be achieved through a professional organization working in close cooperation with various stakeholders in public and private sectors.


For media enquiries, please contact

Ms Samantha NG, Business Development Director

@: , M: +65 9229 3516

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Mr Ryan SOH, Founder & Chief Executive

@:, M: +65 9669 0376


  • Company: Edufied Pte Ltd
  • Name: Ryan SOH
  • Address: 808 French Road #04–173, Singapore 200808
  • Phone: +1(302)660 0016
  • Email:
  • Country: Singapore
  • Website/URL:

From left to right: Pranav BURNWAL (Blockchain Lead) , Samantha NG (Biz Development Lead) & Ryan SOH (CEO & Founder)

Event Photo

Certificate of Appreciation given by Dr Eduardo “E.G” G ONG, PCCI , Chairman for Education

Event Photos

MOU Signing between Edufied , Ryan SOH (CEO & Founder) and Mastereign, Terry LIM (Managing Director)


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Blockchain-based Credential Storage & Verification System

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