Nova Coffee Co. Bringing Light to Warren Ohio

Born and raised in Warren Ohio, a local family brings back the true culture of coffee shops to their community.

John Ramsey, accompanied by his brother Logan and wife Tracy Reinard turned an idea into a successful, aesthetic coffee shop. The family vacationed in Daytona and stumbled along Donnie’s Donuts, where the idea initially sparked. “We started really playing pretend,” Logan said, “What roles would you have and how would we make this whole business come together.”

The family’s father, Douglas Reinard, did 98% of the work, John claims. The entire business was visualized, hand crafted, and designed by the Reinard’s. With each member playing a significant role, Douglas was a key factor in making his children's dream come true.

Michael Wojciak enjoys his first cold brew from Nova coffee

Nova, meaning new, hopes to bring fresh beginnings to Warren. Nova Coffee Co. is located in downtown Warren around the square. Selling coffee and donuts, Nova hopes to be the beginning of a new standard for Northeast Ohio. The family hopes to deliver an intentional excellence rather than perfection. “If you don’t plan to succeed you might as well just plan to fail.” said Logan.

Logan Reinard inside his family ran coffee shop
“Nova means the beginning of new. We always want it to stand for not only the beginning of every new day we want to sell coffee and donuts, but we want it to be the beginning of new relationships, the beginning of new businesses, the beginning of new ideas and it starts here. Whether that is someone coming up with an idea and just saying hey I want to bounce this off of you, will you meet me at Nova? That’s the beginning, that’s the genesis of someones great idea coming to passion We don’t see ourselves necessarily stopping .”- Logan Reinard

The process was fast, and the community did everything they could to help out. “There’s risk, but it’s not that much risk.” said John, “It happened quick, really quick.” The generosity of the community left the family shaking their heads in awe.

The Reinard’s have humbly given love to the city of Warren for many years. Whether it be opening the Mahoning Valley Dream Center, taking on the blessing of foster parenting, or being an astonishing photographer for the community, the Reinard’s kindness came back around. “This is for profit. This isn’t the church world or the non-profit world,” John told to his floor contractors. The workers could only respond by reminding the Reinard’s how much they are loved and how they want to help out.

Nova Coffee Co. plans to expand their number of employees come summer time. “We hope to get more jobs for people who are some career-minded, but also some college students,” said John. With a nifty Nova on the go trailer, the business is mobile. The trailer is able to attend weddings or other similar events.

With an expansion of employees, of course comes the expansion of the menu. Nova wants to go from donuts to donuts and another savory option for breakfast. Steel-cut oats, croissants, soups , and salads are to be looked forward to.

“I have already met 3 or 4 new people today, it’s my first time here. Everyone is friendly, nice, warm, and inviting,” said local customer Cole Blakeley from Howland, Ohio. Cole and his friend, Eric Bender say they never come down to the square, but had to come find out what all the Nova talk was about.They believe Nova is just the beginning of the good to come back into the community they grew up around.

Cole Blakeley discusses his first experience at Nova Coffee Co.
“I think this is what the area needs. It needs to engage in skill, people.. more. It needs to have more things to do for younger people and this is definitely one of the best new adventures that Warren has right now.” -Cole Blakeley

Nova puts a huge emphasis on embracing an authentic coffee culture. The new coffee shop is a place where the community can gather, create ideas, build friendships and stay for second drink. Getting to know customers and hearing their stories is almost essential to the family. “We wanted to see Warren, Ohio come back. Not just on a financial spectrum but for people to come back down here and experience the city, experience the square,” said John, “It’s really been a great experience, but at the same time we don’t see it stopping or slowing down.”

“We can continue to bring people into cities that maybe they have forgotten about a little bit, and bring a little bit of life back.” -John Ramsey
John Ramsey outside of Nova Coffee Co.