App Curriculum Highlights of Gaming & Mobile Application Development Course

Edu Guide
Edu Guide
Aug 21, 2019 · 3 min read

The growth of the gaming industry in India is the direct result of the ever increasing number of smartphones in the country. The huge number of smartphone adoption in the country is leading the youth to the world of virtual reality. And the game developers are eyeing this big smartphone driven mobile market to reach the target customers.

By the end of 2019, the total number of smartphone users is already projected to reach 530 million. And the gaming industry in the country is all set to touch $ 1.1 billion by the 2020. The gaming industry in India has increased by 10% whereas television has gone down by almost 8%.

It is quite evident that due to the huge projected growth in the online gaming market will boost the need and requirement for professionals in the gaming industry. The industry will require game developers, screenplay writers, 3D artists, Game Programmer, Network Programmer, Sound Engineers and more.

There are many game design courses in India that have come up with the perfect curriculum to meet these needs. Some of the highlights from B.Sc in Gaming and Mobile Application development course are -

· Engineering Math

· Computer Architecture

· C Programming

· Linux Programming

· Advanced Engineering Math

· Database Management System

· Networking

· Object Oriented Programming

· Data Structure

· Fundamentals of Game Physics

· Design and Analysis of Algorithm

· System Analysis and Design

· Computer Graphics and Animation

· Graphics Programming using OPENGL

· Game Development

· Mobile Application Development

· AI Basics

· Searching and Optimisation

· Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

· MATLAB Programming

· Robotics and Perception

· Game AI

Apart from the above highlights the course also contains the EM Algorithm in NLP, Stochastic Tagging, and Log-Linear Models, Probabilistic Similarity Measures and Clustering Machine Translation Discourse Processing: Segmentation, Anaphora Resolution Dialogue Systems, Natural Language Generation/Summarization.

It also includes Filtering, Image Representations, and Texture Models, Color Vision, Multi-view Geometry, Projective Reconstruction, Bayesian Vision; Statistical Classifiers, Clustering & Segmentation; Voting Methods, Tracking and Density Propagation, Visual Surveillance and Activity Monitoring. Medical Imaging, Image Databases and Image-Based Rendering.

An app development course uses MATLAB as a calculator Variables and Functions Branching Statements Loops, Recursion and Plotting, Review and Midterm Exam, Representation of Numbers and Complexity, Linear Algebra, Least Squares Regression, Spring Break, Interpolation.

Artificial Intelligence is also a part of the game development courses in India. It includes aspects of computer games that can benefit from the use of artificial intelligence and variety of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques for traditional and modern computer games.

In 2010, the number of gaming companies in India was 25. Now, in a span of less than a decade, the number of gaming companies have reached 250. As per reports, at least two new gaming companies are starting off in India per month.

Hence, if you are a creative soul with knowledge of tech and passion of creating exciting games, a degree program in Gaming and Mobile Application Development would be an ideal course for you to take up in 2019.

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