Ideas for Lyft on the Occasion of Receiving One Billion Dollars

I’m inspired by the opportunity for creativity that Lyft finds itself in. Here are some ideas that I think could be fun for them to try out.

1. The Party Button

Send all Lyft users a message at the same time on a weekend asking if they are feeling adventurous, or if they are in the mood for a party.

If they hit yes, request a Lyft on their behalf that is set to a predetermined location. Then, send all participants to the same location. This could be a brewery that paid for this promotion, a rented warehouse event organized by Lyft, a park, or another place that can handle large crowds (the Presidio in the daytime, Public Works at night, etc).

BONUS: hand out party favors in the Lyft!

2. Lucky Lyfters

What if Lyft put effort into creating a set of surprises or rewards that could be in random cars?

For example, certain drivers get a prize to give away each day, or certain Lyfts are recording gimmicky shows & contests (like Cash Cab) to share on social media (with permission, obviously).

“I got a Lucky Lyfter!!” says one happy customer who just won $10,000 on the Lyftrivia channel.

3. Lyft Rider Network

Have you ever been in a Lyft Line and gotten along with the other passengers? Or wanted to follow up but didn’t get a chance to connect or swap numbers?

Lyft could create a rider network based on real human interactions in which you can message someone you were in a Lyft Line with. They can choose whether to accept your message or not, and if they reject it then their name is no longer visible or accessible to you. If they accept it, you can chat and connect at a later date!

Possible alternatives to this:

  • Lyft could work with Tinder or OK Cupid to match two people and a driver could pick them up and take them to a date location.
  • Lyft could partner with Grouper and anyone who wants to meet new friends could get picked up in a Lyft Line and taken somewhere (a park, a show, etc)

(Un)fortunately, I think their money is going to be used to improve their service, expand to new cities, and bring about the autonomous vehicle revolution we’ve been waiting for. Oh well!

What crazy thing would you do if you had a billion dollars to spend at Lyft?

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