Reclaiming Our Time

What is up with this phrase “community uplifter?” Everyone I have ever heard use that phrase to describe themselves, whatever their color, has turned out to be a total fraud.

Also how do you self-appoint yourself to a role that claims to be assigned by “community?” And who is the community that you’re uplifting? And which members of the community were consulted?

So many questions.

So little time.

Sometimes I get to thinking how people who seem the nicest on the surface are often the evilest. And the people who the world tells you are shit turn out to be…

A Meditation on Race, Gender & Power

My day starts with an innocuous enough meeting about a new consultancy that goes better than anticipated. I drive to Panera’s to meet my friend Aggie, a documentary filmmaker. For what seems like no time at all, the two of us explore the hella crazy world we find ourselves in, the complexities that block the path to the creation of justice & belonging, and the short film (Closest to the Pain) she’s done on my work in Allentown, connecting mass incarceration, returning citizens and voter engagement. …

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[Publisher’s Note:] When I started my blog previously known as which I published under the pseudonym TolerantLiberal over a decade ago, I promised then that when I reached enough people, I would open it to people who otherwise do not get a voice in publications with sufficient circulation to at least get some eyeballs. I have been doing that since. Moreover as my radio/media program, Politics Done Right has matured, I promised to make it a program where anyone who had something to say of substance irrespective of ideology could use our…

© 2018 Jude-Laure Denis

This morning I sat by the window of my cabin in the woods and watched a family of little chipmunks dart about and chase each other. When one suddenly stopped and realized I was there, they (yes I’m using a gender neutral pronoun) stopped playing, got still, assessed whether or not I was a threat, decided I wasn’t and got back to the urgent task of playing with their kin.

So there was awareness — the realization that someone else is there watching, there was cognitive processing — mmm who is this watching me and is she dangerous to me…

(c) 2018 Jude-Laure Denis

This week, I took a few days off the digital crack that is the interwebs, to really sit with the loss of my father.

He wasn’t the Daddy television shows like Bewitched and The Brady Bunch taught me about in the seventies (representation matters!), and for a long time I nurtured a great deal of rage whenever I thought about our relationship and sprayed him liberally with it, in writing and in person.

I once accused him in very flowery language of being a sperm donor. …

World War 2, CC0 Creative Commons

“Nothing is more important than the truth,” millennial astrologer Chani Nicholas, says in a recent post about Sunday April 29th’s Full Moon in Scorpio (shout out to Family Stand fans, wherever you are).

Michelle Wolf’s appearance at the 2018 White House Correspondents Dinner — in an era where we’ve learned to swallow what we know, regarding just about everything, deep in the layers of our flesh, in the depths of our belly, in the hidden ventricles of our hearts — ripped through the crowd of journalists, politicians and insiders, with the ferocity of an overseer’s whip on an Alabama plantation…

Now that it’s after midnight, and April 2, 2018, the 5th anniversary of my beloved Carol’s departure from her body and this plane after twenty years together, is officially on the scrap heap of history, I finally find myself at the computer unpacking this year’s grief for myself.

When my eyes opened the morning of April 2, 2018, the first thing I encountered was news of the death of Mama Winnie Mandela — the tireless force of nature that pushed apartheid to its knees, and ultimately its death. I intentionally distracted myself from my frozen heart, by reading all the…

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Haitian. Blakety-Blak. Activist. Student/Teacher. Drinker of Combahee. Caping 4 all my Sisters, trans/cis/genderfluid. Wielding ❤️ like a sword.

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