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What is Online Learning?
Online learning is an enhanced and improved way of providing education in the form of images, videos, text formats, dynamic assessment processes, live lectures, discussion forums and informative blogs.
This is an interactive way to study at home with the help of constructive study material and notes provided by various resources over Internet.
Through Online Learning, students can teach themselves without taking any help of teachers and coaching institutes. A student can feel free to study anywhere, at any time as per their convenience.
It is also beneficial for those students who belong to rural areas who cannot afford to go to big cities and take coaching over there. Thanks to 4G Services (which are recently launched) in India, now the students residing in rural areas can also take advantage of Online Education Programs.
Being a student, I always found answers’ pictorial presentation, very useful to learn and easy to memorize. Scientifically also, it is proven that things learnt in such manner stays for long in our memory.

History of Online Learning

The discoveries and inventions in education industry are popular from 1924, when scientists invented first testing machine through which students were able to test themselves.
The inventions didn’t stop here, once again the researchers and technologists invented BF Skinner in 1954 which enables schools to administer programmed instruction to their students.
The first computer based training program, also known as CBT Program was introduced in 1960.
In the pages of online education history, the term ‘e-learning’ is being used since 1999. Later, educationist started to use two more terms relating to e-learning which were called as ‘Online Learning’ and ‘Virtual Learning’.
To utilize internet in a more effective way in education industry, institutes started providing Distance Learning Courses.

Online Education in India

The online learning industry became popular in India in past few years. As per the Indian Education Trends, the offline classes and coaching were more popular than the online education platforms. But in today’s world almost 55% students prefer Online Learning Platforms like Eduncle.
Eduncle is an online education portal which offers complete information about Indian competitive exams, latest job vacancies, current affairs, GK and also covers educational news. The website is mainly concerned on IBPS, UGC NET and IIT JAM, SSC exams & Railway Recruitment Exams.
Eduncle provides an array of benefits for the online learners. The website is technologically loaded with features to support us

ers buy the meticulously designed study materials (as per the prescribed syllabus for the various competitive exams), assessment tests to evaluate their gained knowledge and test their preparations for the forthcoming exams.

What are the benefits of online learning?

The Digital natives find learning through online mediums more result oriented as they it’s fast paced and one can connect easily with the similar communities. Below I have detailed few of the various benefits this mode of offers.

* Study From Home
The students don’t need to search for any coaching Institute. They are only required to go to any website of India’s top most leading Online Learning Platforms and register there to purchase study material. The study material and packages provided by the online learning platforms also consists video lectures, mock test papers, test series, sample question papers for practices etc.

* No Time Limitations
The students are not bound to attend classes at some particular timings. They can take their online lectures whenever they are free and ready for it.

* Feasible to use
Online study packages are a feasible way to study as there are no operational costs involved. As a student you can economically save on vehicle petrol costs, living allowances (when you relocate to big cities for getting quality coaching guidance) and other costs.

* Different Learning Styles
The e-learning platforms provide study material and helpful guidance in different ways like videos, audios, structured notes and quick sheets.

* Discussion Forums
The students can also discuss their study related issues with other candidates who are preparing for the similar exams like IBPS, SSC, UGC NET, IIT JAM. Our expert online education provider designed discussion forums to help students in solving their problems by discussing with each other. * 24/7 Availability
The students can access their course at any time by logging on the website. With access to their account, students can also take guidance from experts at any time whenever they need it.

* Most Updated version of Study Material
The students who purchase study material from Online Learning Platforms get the latest version of the trends running in the concerned subject.
The study material is also designed in a well-structured manner and covers A to Z syllabus and also the important facts and points related to that particular topic which students need to know.
The experts and faculties really work hard to deliver their best to aspirants to achieve their set goals and targets.

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