Regulus Exchange — How to Get Regulus (RGLS) Token

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As a follow to my last article on Regulus Exchange, I realized that after reading that article and discovering the potential benefits of holding the RGLS token, you might be interested in getting some for yourself. So, I want to briefly talk about the ways to go about getting some token.

Now, remember that Regulus Exchange is a self-funded project, which means they did not and don’t intend to conduct an ICO/Crowdsale. So, how then do you go about getting their token — RGLS?

According to the Regulus, “…the 60% community share will be distributed via Airdrop, Lottery, Dividend, and Bounty.”

From the above statement, my focus will be on the bounty, because the Airdrop is already closed and I believe Lottery and Dividend will happen on the exchange after its launch.

What is Bounty?

Bounty (reward), an amount of money or other reward offered by an organization for a specific task done with a person or thing …Wikipedia

While a bounty hunter is someone who carries out that task with the sole aim of getting the bounty (reward) offered by the organization. A bounty hunter is popularly regarded as someone that pursues a criminal on whom a bounty (reward) has been offered.

It works the same way in cryptocurrency. Crypto bounties are simply tasks that are created by crypto/blockchain companies with specific bounty rewards (usually in the form of crypto tokens or coins), these task are usually aimed at helping the companies spread the word about their message/solutions/products, usually on social media, in order to create massive awareness for their project.

What Do You Need to Participate in Crypto Bounties?

Here is a general list of what you need;

  1. Telegram Account (Required)
  2. Twitter Account (Required)
  3. Facebook Account (Optional)
  4. LinkedIn Account (Optional)
  5. BitcoinTalk Account (Required)
  6. Reddit Account (Optional)
  7. Medium/Steemit/Blog/Website (Optional)

NOTE: What is required or optional usually depends on each individual project, campaign or bounty. The ones I have indicated here are based on the general instruction for taking part in the Regulus Exchange Bounty.

Regulus Exchange Bounty

Recently, Regulus launched their bounty campaign in which they are giving away a maximum of 5% of the total 60 million RGLS token supply, to bounty hunters who participate in the bounty, this 5% translates to 3 million tokens.

The bounty campaign consists of 6 types of bounty campaign; Content Creation (article), Twitter tweet/retweet, Telegram participation, YouTube video, language translation, and local forum ambassador program.

To join or learn more about the bounty program, go to this link;

Purchase RGLS on Exchange

The RGLS token is now available on ForkDelta and EtherDelta. These are two popular decentralized exchanges (dex) where you can currently purchase the token. To locate RGLS token on these exchanges go to the following links;


If you are not familiar with these platforms, please check the articles and videos below;

How to use ForkDelta

How to use EtherDelta

More About Regulus Exchange:


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