Introducing Vector Networks
Evan Wallace

This is fantastic.

This redeems all the times I’ve seen astou clever drawing techniques being ignored by the status quo. Some of what you show here I’ve seen hinted at things as old as FutureWave SmartSketch (the free-form vector drawing and automatic punch-outs were the best things forgotten by Macromedia and then Adobe when they bought this and made it the much maligned Flash product, where the illustration/drawing part become an afterthought instead of the star it should have rightly been) or as sidelines as SketchUp (where a lot of this smart-connection can be seen dabbled with, but also gobbled by Google and made into a software to create buildings for Google Earth, with most of its most clever tools hidden away from sight).

Bravo, I wish you all the fame you deserve for presenting and implementing this. The inertia of the status quo is a huge wall but it looks you’re most prepared to tackle it.

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