Best Courses to Become a Complete Web Developer

Complete Web developer Courses

Web development has been steadily growing as a career, with many people finding their passion for coding and problem solving. Development has also received a boost with the advancement of technology and the internet.

Since it’s introduction, the world wide web (WWW) has gained immense popularity and as with all technologies has constantly been growing and becoming better, all the while also pushing web development to constantly keep up with it. This has resulted in Web Development to continue to progress, producing faster and better websites and apps.

If you want to expand your skill set as a web developer or if you are simply just finding your passion in this amazing field, here are a few great technology and development courses to help you get started. Each course comes packed with information as well as hands-on experience.

The courses are developed by Eduonix, a growing name in the field of e-learning especially for technology based courses.

  1. Learn Angular 2 Development By Building 12 Apps
Angular 2 Development Projects

This course is a chart-topping course and is the perfect course to start off this list. Angular 2 is a must learn technology, especially for web developers. It is the upgraded version of Angular 1, which is a framework that simplifies the process of designing websites. This brilliant framework is faster, easier to learn and also flexible, giving developers freedom to design responsive and dynamic websites that they want.

In this course, you will learn using a hands-on approach. You will not only learn the fundamentals of the theory, but also complete practical application by building 12 different apps from scratch. From simple Angular websites, to more complicated Authentication and Sockets, this course will help you learn it all.

2. Learn Nodejs Programming from Scratch

Learn Nodejs Programming

NodeJS is an amazing tool that is commonly used to create server-side web applications. The runtime cross-platform environment is best for controlling web servers, building applications and building event driven programming. The software has been used by multiple companies, including Microsoft, Yahoo!, Walmart, Groupon, etc.

This brilliant technology is perfect to boost your skills and develop advanced apps and this course is the perfect course to get you started. In this Node.js course, you will learn Node.JS from scratch including JavaScript and jQuery and basic fundamentals of Node.JS. Additionally, you will also touch base on other related technologies such as Express Framework, BackBone.JS, Angular.JS, and Ember.JS.

3. Learn Django and Python Development By Building Projects

Django and Python Development

While Python was a rookie in the programming world, currently it is taking the main stage as one of the easiest programming language to learn. Python removes the hassle of curly brackets and makes it easier for developers to write codes that are readable.

While, Django is a framework that makes coding with Python even easier. This high-level framework encourages design clean and pragmatic apps and websites. This course will help you not only master Python, but also learn how to build brilliant and efficient apps by actually understanding the behind-the-scenes of using Django.

4. Learn to Build Apps Using Neo4J

Build Apps Using Neo4J

Data plays an important component in web development. Websites, without content are nothing but empty shells. The content is what draws the clients and let’s them know your website is about. Where data comes into the picture, databases must follow. Neo4J is a popular graph database that is currently making a huge splash in the development industry.

What makes it different is that it stores and retrieves information in the form of graphs using nodes, relationships and properties, making it easier and faster for the system to retrieve information searched for. Graph models make it easier to handle big data and in this course you will see how. This course breaks down Neo4J into smaller and easier to understand components, helping you grasp theory as well as practical applications of the database.

5. Getting Started With React JS Tutorial Online

Online React Js Tutorial

ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library that simplifies the process of designing user interfaces for dynamic web applications. It also simplifies coding, allowing developers to design apps faster and with less coding.

This brilliant piece of technology is definitely needed in today’s fast paced world and in this course yo will learn how you can profit from it. As a developer, you will be required to complete apps and websites in the shortest amount of time possible and React JS can definitely help you with that. Learn this amazing technology from the ground up, including basic fundamentals in this React JS course.

6. ReactJS and Flux — Learn By Building 10 Projects

Online ReactJS and Flux Tutorials

ReactJS and Flux are two important technologies that should definitely be a part of a developer’s arsenal. These two technologies can be used separately or together to get the optimum results. ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library that cuts down on some of the tedious coding, increases readability and even constantly keeps your DOM up-to-date. On the other hand, Flux is an application architecture that utilizes a unidirectional data flow, helping you design more scalable apps with a simplified data flow.

While in the ReactJS course listed above this one, you learned the theoretical application of the technology, in this course, you will learn 10 different projects that you can build with ReactJS and Flux. It will help you understand the practical applications of ReactJS and Flux. Starting with a simple project, the projects will get more complex as the course progresses on. Truly a comprehensive course to learn these technologies!

7. RactiveJS Fundamentals for Web Developers

Learn RactiveJS Fundamentals

Similar to ReactJS, RactiveJS is also a JavaScript library, but that’s where the similarities end. Ractive allows you to design apps that are interactive and can be updated real-time. Ractive converts your static HTML templates into blueprints for apps to follow, making it faster and unobtrusive.

In today’s digital world, apps and websites must be interactive, so that your clients can get what they want and when they want it. In this course, you will learn the ins and outs of RactiveJS and also how you can create brilliant apps with this technology.

8. Learn ReactiveX From The Ground Up

Learn ReactiveX Online

Liven up your apps by making them less boring with ReactiveX. This amazing technology allows developers to create responsive, dynamic and scalable apps that are also flexible by using a simple API. No more tedious coding, all you need is to call this simple API in your code.

In this tutorial, you will learn the basics and advanced concepts of ReactiveX, learning from what it is to how it can help you design responsive websites. It also includes a complete hands-on example that you can build along with the instructor to learn how to use ReactiveX and apply it in your apps.

There are a just a few of the many different courses that Eduonix offers for web development. However, these technologies are different from the common ones that a quick search on the Google will help you find and having them on your resume can definitely help boost your skill set and your pay grade. If you enjoyed any of our courses, or if you have any other feedback, please let us know in the comments section below.