10 Free Eduonix Courses to Upgrade Your Developing Skills

Free Online Courses

Education is no longer a word that is associated with knowledge, but rather money. The higher the education, more the money a person earns. This has resulted in education becoming expensive and for some — unattainable.

Where universities and institutions of higher learning were originally designed for acquiring knowledge, these days their roles have changed. However, internet is now changing the role of education and learning once again. People who are passionate about teaching and learning can now use the world wide web to share information and ideas and knowledge.

But it must come with a cost, correct? Wrong! Eduonix is one of the many premium e-learning companies that are offering many of its courses for FREE! But you are wondering what’s the catch? No catch at all! The world of technology is teeming with people who love to share their knowledge, and to train people who may not have the money or the connections to get an education.

Eduonix is one of these institutions who believes that there shouldn’t always be a price when it comes to knowledge and learning. This is why it offers numerous of its tech courses for FREE.

Here are 10 of the best tech courses that you will find in the Eduonix’s Freebies section.

  1. Docker for Beginners
Docker for Beginners

Here is a great beginners course for learning Docker basics. Docker is a great innovative piece of technology when it comes to designing and testing apps. It helps designers in porting their apps and software in a container so that it can be executed on any computer, regardless of the running operating system. So, you can design, modify and test your apps, without having to change your system or have multiple operating systems.

In this short course, you will learn everything you need to get started with Docker. From what is Docker to what are containers to how to set up the Docker environment and even create your your own images, the course has it all.

2. The Ultimate Guide to RHCSA Certification Exam

Ultimate guide to RHCSA

You don’t need to look high and low for resources to learn Red Hat Linux Admin System. This is a no-nonsense course that gets right to the point. This course will help you train for the Red Hat Linux Certification, to help you not all pass the exam but also ace it.

The course breaks down the Red Hat Linux System including setting up the system from scratch and understanding the basic commands that will be covered within the exam. This Red Hat tutorial also comes with quizzes and other documents to help you ensure that you get a complete theoretical and practical experience with the Red Hat system.

3. Learn How to Create a TextEditor with Java

Create a TextEditor with Java

Java is one of the building blocks of web development, with many developers originally learning HTML and Java before progressing to any other language and technology. In this mini course, you will not only learn Java in theory but also its practical applications.

This mini Java course will help you design a complete project with Java, where you will learn how to design a Text Editor from scratch and also learn other basic fundamentals such as opening and saving files using a GUI, using CardLayout to switch between menus and encrypting passwords using NASA’s SHA256 encryption. All of this in this epic free mini Java tutorial.

4. Learn Complete Websites Setup from Scratch

Complete Website Setup from Scratch

Websites have become a must for individuals and even companies in today’s world. If you do not have a website to represent yourself, your business is not considered to be professional and will not make an impression on your potential customers.

In this free course, you will learn how to build complete websites from the ground up. From domains to hosting to even designing and deploying the website, you will learn it all in this tutorial. It is the perfect go to course for designing websites especially for newbies — from setting up WordPress websites and blogs to even creating Joomla and Magneto eCommerce websites, this free course will cover it all. So, what are you waiting for?

5. Learn PHP Fundamentals From Scratch

PHP Fundamentals

PHP has become an increasingly demanded language for anyone who wants to work in web development. It is the GO TO language for designing and maintaining backends and server side. If you haven’t yet gotten started with PHP, don’t worry. This course will introduce you to PHP and all its basic fundamentals that you will need to get started.

In this free PHP course, you will be introduced to PHP including a brief introduction to the language and also how to set up the environment. The tutorial will then progress on to learn the building blocks of PHP such as arrays, variables, loops, functions, conditionals, etc. That’s not all, this course will also introduce you to the world of OOP or object oriented programming within PHP.

6. WordPress Training for Beginners From Scratch

Wordpress Training for Beginners

WordPress brought a great change in the world of development. The power of building websites was no longer limited to the developers. Now, an average Joe could also build a website from scratch using the simple plug in method that WordPress introduced. You can now build your very own WordPress website with this popular WordPress Tutorial.

This WordPress course is a ‘How To’ Guide that breaks down WordPress for newbies and beginners. In this course, you will enter the world of blogging and WordPress websites. You will be introduced to WordPress from the start from installing WordPress to creating websites, pages, performing SEO, adding portfolio and images to even installing and applying themes.

7. Learn To Build Your First Professional iOS App

Learn to Build iOS App

This iOS course is perfect for anyone who has great ideas for apps, but hasn’t been able to execute them. This course will help you get started with the dynamics of designing your first app for iOS. From understanding the fundamentals of the framework to coding the actual app, this course will cover it all.

The course will start with showing you how to design the app in Sketch, including the UI and creating icons, as well as positioning them in the UI. From there, you will learn how to convert the design into Xcode and adding other attributes such as tables, buttons and Iboutlets. At the end of this course, you will have a working Quiz App that you can later add to or modify as per your requirements.

8. Learn Object Oriented PHP By Building a Complete Website

Learn Object Oriented PHP

While we covered OOP (Object Oriented Programming) in PHP in the fundamentals PHP course, this course builds up on that, helping you understand how OOP can help simplify coding within PHP. Objects and classes (a major part of PHP) help group certain elements together so that you can apply attributes to them at the same time, reducing the amount of codes you have to write for each individual element.

This lesson will help you understand OOP PHP and how to get started with it. From setting up the environment to understanding basic PHP and OOP concepts including classes, objects, methods, properties, the MVC, MySQL, Data Binding, Data Abstraction, etc. From then on you will progress to more difficult coding paradigms, until OOP PHP becomes familiar and easier for you to incorporate in your everyday coding.

9. Learn Socket Programming Tutorial in C from Scratch

Socket Programming Tutorial

Sockets are the epitome of communication between the pages and the server. It denotes how communication happens on the internet. This is why sockets play a crucial role in communication and web development, in general.

If you want to understand development and become a developer, sockets are an important topic that you should definitely understand. This Socket Programming course is perfect for any newbie who wants to get started at becoming a developer. The course covers an in-depth introduction into sockets including learning the basic coding paradigms and even how data transfers using sockets. It will also give you a run down of HTTP protocols, how to build the HTTP Server and even test your web sever.

10. Learn How to Build a Game Using Java

Learn to Build Game Using Java

With Java being such an important topic, this is another course that can help you get hands on with the Java and designing applications using Java. In this short Java tutorial, you will learn how to design an entire game with a hands-on approach. It will include learning how to manipulate images, create animation and update positions of a game piece, as well as covering concepts such as user input and collisions, Threads and KeyListeners.

These are just a few of the many different courses that are available within Eduonix’s Freebies section. The section includes courses ranging in domains from Web Development, Software Development, Mobile Development, Marketing, Graphic Design, WordPress Development and even Office Productivity. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to drop a message in the comments section below.