Who Should Take The AEIS? How To Prepare For AEIS?

The AEIS stands for the abbreviation admission exercise for international students. The AEIS Singapore plans to give uniform centralized training to the students with the goal that they get the admission into government schools. It enables students to increase fruitful induction into any standard elementary schools and optional schools. In AEIS tuition classes, students are set up to confront questions in English language, reasoning ability, and numerical ability. The AEIS tuition gives great chance to students wishing to join Singapore’s government school. Students taught by the AEIS tutors have the highest chances of getting admission in different schools as they are prepared and arranged to face the admission tests.

So, Admissions Exercise for International Students i.e. AEIS Singapore is an annual examination organized by the Ministry of Education for international students who wish to get admission in the local primary or secondary schools in Singapore. All international students are required to pass the AEIS Singapore examination in order to get admission in the local school with a good score.

According to the Ministry of Education website, the procedure for AEIS admission follows 5 steps:

  • Submit the documents for AEIS application
  • Receive the entry proofs for your test
  • Take the AEIS examination for Primary or Secondary admission
  • View your results online
  • If you get a good score, report to school

It is well known that children have complex nature; every single individual has different capabilities to comprehend and see diverse subjects. The level of comprehension and intrigue depends on their particular taste and demeanors. The AEIS tuition focus gives serious amendment to develop a kid’s confidence, clear their questions, and enables them to embrace productive revision plans so that they can score high through crash courses.

Students in countries outside of Singapore (e.g. India, China, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand) use Edupoint’s Online Learning Portal to connect with the AEIS Singapore Specialists. The course is conducted using the power of video conferencing over the internet. Established in 1996, Edupoint has a 20 year history in the education arena. Large pools of qualified, experienced and dedicated tutors are ready to help students improve in their academic performance and develop a love for learning- diploma, undergraduate, graduate, post graduate tutors, school teachers and ex-school teachers to cater to all academic requirements.

The Specialist tutors are all very experienced in preparing students for the AEIS tests. Now you have access to Singaporean Specialists while still in your home country!