How to Secure your PC or Laptop at Dorm

Laptops and computers have become the center of making work easier for students both in colleges and universities. Ever since the invention of the desktop and Laptops there has been an enormous increase in their demand in the society. This demand has also led to the rise of crime, especially in schools. According to, there are many ways in which students could protect their computers at the dormitories which include:

CompuTrace: This is a security feature that is very efficient in terms of computer security. All that a student needs to do is install the software on his or her computer and in case of theft the program automatically sends a notification to the Authorities directly about the where about of the student’s computer.

A Laptop Cable Lock: This comes in very handy when you leave your computer and aren’t in need of carrying it around. The purpose of the Cable lock is that you can securely strap your computer safely at a permanent place that will be very hard to cut with a knife or sharp object.

Stop program: By enrolling in the Stop program that costs only twenty-five dollars for three year’s, thieves will find your laptop less of a free ticket in their stealing spree. The purpose of this security program is that it attaches security plates that are serialized hence making your laptop unique. Someone will have to think twice before stealing your computer.

Fingerprint Reader: Security sensors have been upgraded as the years pass by and in the scenario where one has sensitive information there are an intelligent alternative. The use of USB fingerprint reader would be a safe way to protect one’s privacy from anyone who might be interested with your personal information.

Alarm Computer Lock: This device was designed and made by Kensington Company. The miniature security lock is so fantastic in that when one cuts the cable the beep from the device has a 50-foot radius and will alert anyone who is within the radius. The Lock is compatible with Desktops, Laptops, and almost every computer.

Antitheft Stand: A company by the name black box designs and makes these stands. The unique security stands are mounted on a computer due to their design and are very efficient especially in the case of burglary. The security position is very helpful in the dorms since one would have to tear the machine to pieces to dismantle the stand.

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