3 Mobile Apps to play with math problems

The smartphones that have invaded the daily life of the students offer new services and tools every day that are amazing. This is the case with using the camera phones to … solve mathematical problems. Here are three mobile apps that anticipate the power of these super laptops. Three applications that allow in just one click to solve a mathematical problem. The good news is that they do not just display the solution, some explain it.

MathPix exists on iOS and Android. This application is incredible. It allows to photograph a mathematical operation written in pen on a sheet of paper and to display it and then get the solution on the screen. MathxPix scans operations and texts and resolves fractions, equations, logarithms and other derivatives at a glance. MathPix can also produce 2-D and 2-D graphics and export everything to PDF. Link: Mathpix

Photomath is another solution to play with fractions and other equations. Here too, just photograph / scan the problem with the smartphone camera to get the result in a fraction of a second. Impressive. PhotoMath does not just show the solution, it provides step by step to find the final solution. A real good idea for a reasoned use on iOs and Android. Link: PhotoMath

Socratic goes even further. Like the previous two applications of this list, once installed, Socratic turns a smartphone into a smart scanner that will solve any kind of mathematical operations. But not only. The tool also allows you to tackle other subjects and answer questions in science, history, etc. All that is required is to photograph the question. Socratic will display explcations found on the web, videos and step by step. Too bad the application is not in English. Socratic currently exists only on iOs. Link: Socratic

Such as other new educational tools, these apps are here to revolutionize the way we teach or learn for a better.

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