4 apps to create mindmaps on your mobile device

Mindmaps are all the rage these days. They allow you to organise your thoughts on paper, or on screen. They are a wonderful way to present concepts to students as they facilitate memorisation. Here are 4 apps that will allow you to create your mindmaps easily on your tablet or smartphone.


SimpleMind+, iOS and Android

SimpleMind+ offers a very complete free version. The app is impressively easy to use. You can create, edit and reorganise your maps with just the tip of your finger. The pro version adds functionalities like linking different maps, insert pictures and edit colors. Maps can be saved in Dropbox.


DrawExpress, iOS and Android

This astonishing app lets you draw anything with your finger and will transform it to the most resembling geometrical shape. The app is very user-friendly and works surprisingly well. The whole experience is very natural and intuitive.


MindNode, iOS

Certainly one of the best solution out there. Sadly it is only available on iOS and doesn’t come for free. The greatest asset of MindNode is its simplicity. Notable feature: the possibility to connect different maps to eachother. Finished mindmaps can be exported in different formats to ensure compatibility.

Connected Mind

Connected Mind, Android

This app comes at price of three euros. With it you will be able to draw your own shapes, arrows, etc. Connected Mind works offline and maps can be sent by email or social media.

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