Loom. A great tool to create video tutorials

Loom is a new tool that will allow you to easily create video tutorials with a single click. An indispensable tool for distance training or the inverted classrooms. Rather than answering a question from one of your students by a long text, do in two clicks, three movements a small video explanation.

Loom has been designed to be integrated into your daily communication tools. Always at hand, easy to use, it also facilitates sharing with the possibility of sending a video in a Gmail mail.

Loom comes in the form of an extension for Chrome. Once installed, your recording studio is ready to be used to make your first video. Simply click on the small icon that appeared in the bar of your browser. When launched, you have the choice between three options. The first will allow you to save only your image in full screen, in the second option your image will appear as a small bubble and you will save what happens on the open tab of your browser. Finally, the third option allows you to save your entire screen or choose the one of the open applications.

A small countdown when you’re ready and then you can start. Loom will film sound and video. No editing possibility, but you can pause your recording and resume it later. Once finished, you will stop the film with a click and can immediately share it by mail or on social networks. You will also be able through a provided code to insert your video into a site or blog.

You will find all your videos in a personal library on the site of the extension. They will be available anywhere from any connected computer.

Loom works fast and well. The recordings are of quality and the creators have taken care of the ergonomics to make it an easy to use utility. It’s quite successful. The videos are limited to 5 minutes of duration at the moment, however, Loom is free right now. The creators foresee in a few months advanced functions which they will undoubtedly charge.

An excellent tool for simply making educational videos directly on your computer.

link: Loom

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