Nuggets, remember everything you learn

Nuggets is an original online tool that has the ambition to help you memorize everything you learn.


The tool highlights the difficulties of memorisation in an age of constant information inputs. Nuggets’ creators worked on memorization mechanisms that should help you remember specific information for much longer and more precisely.

Studies prove we forget 80% of everything we learn in about a week. Nuggets’ magic formula is thus to repeat the information regularly.

Information retention

To combat the effects of the graph you see above, Nuggets feel refeed you the information regularly. The intervals become longer over time until it is never repeated again.

Nugget is a chrome extension that will help you create “memory cards”. Those 200 characters snippets can either be completely orgininal or be highlighted text from a website. All your cards will then just be one click away.

The app will send regular emails with your dose of saved information.

The app lacks some extension but having to resume the info in 200 character and rereading it every once in a while is indeed quite effective.

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