PlagScan, your best weapon against plagiarism

Jun 6, 2017 · 2 min read

PlagScan is an online solution that detects plagiarism and verifies the originality of submitted texts. PlagScan is incredibly effective, without a doubt one of the best tools from its category.


It is simple and fairly easy to use. Texts must be uploaded in Word or PDF format or be copy-pasted. Multiple documents cna be uploaded at once as well as a .zip with all the students’ assignments.

Once the upload is done you just have to click a button to start the analysis. PlagScan will then launch its algorythm and check the documents. This process can take some time depending on the length of the documents. It can last for several hours for long manuscripts.

The report produced by PlagScan is particularly complete and detailed. It can be consulted online or bee downloaded in different formats. PlagScan is able to pinpoint psection of your text and highlight them in green, yellow or red depending on its confidence in the authenticity of the document. It also extracts supposed sources from the internet for you to compare both segments.

While it heavily relies on the web for its analysis, Plagscan also has a large database of all documents that were submitted in the past. Particularly interesting is the option to compare your students’ assignments to see if they plagiarized eachother.

PlagScan works in your browser so no need to download anyhting. Their prices simple, you can either buy credits for occasional use or sign up for an annual licence. Schools get special group prices. It will, for example, cost 199EUR for an establishement of 500 students.

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